Jay Freeman (Saurik) at Indie Dev Lab 2012 - Cydia founder speaks!

Jay Freeman (Saurik) at Indie Dev Lab 2012 - Cydia founder speaks!

We're live at Jay Freeman (Saurik)'s talk at Indie Dev Lab 2012. We'll update with highlight as they happen!

  • Saurik is a huge fan of analytics.
  • Everyone along a transaction chain takes money. Saurik recommends Paypal over services like Strife because they scale down for micro-transactions. Amazon scales even more, but they don't support many countries. Also holds money to mitigate risk. (That's why app store's can't give all the money immediately.)
  • Saurik has to hold money on sales for 30 days or Paypal gets angry. If you sell on a 14th, you get paid the next 16th. If you sell on the 16th, you'll have to wait 45 days until the next 1st of the month (he pays out on 1st and 16th). -Cydia doesn't do better than the App Store.

This is turning into a deep dive on taxes, credit card processing, international ecommerce, etc. So really not customer facing

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Thomas says:

So what's the point of this story ?

Trexwarrior says:

^+1 I know right? I was hoping for more coverage of this than iOS 6 to be honest.

Luis Reyes says:

all i ask from cydia is a better interface, its almost imposible to navigate it without feeling a little lost. More screenshots, sections, icons, and top list are a must.

Ziltoid says:

I would love to see a total redesign of it.

Sharma15 says:

Cidya is really amazing how it gives users the ability to change the iPhone the way we want it to be. Hopefully they stay in business and fix up all the little issues with it.