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Jobs to Mossberg: iBooks Same Price as Amazon, iPad 140hrs to Music, Save as iWork Pages as Word Doc

Jobs to Mossberg

The godfather of tech columnists, Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal, got some face time with Steve Jobs at the iPad launch and Boom Town's Kara Swisher was there with the shaky cam!

  • When asked why people would buy an iPad iBooks book for $14.99 rather than an Amazon Kindle book for $9.99, Jobs said the books would be the same price, and further said publishers withhold books from Amazon because they're not happy about the price. (Could be referring to Apple's standard 70/30 split which Amazon just recently announced they'd match in some cases).
  • When asked about battery life, Jobs said the iPad's quoted 10hrs for video/WiFi would actually be a bit longer for iBook reading, and around 140hrs for music playback.
  • When asked if 10hrs was enough for iBook reading, Jobs pulled out the "no big deal", said users would just plug it in, and asked if anyone reads for more than 10hrs anyway.
  • When asked if Mossberg could write his iPad review on the iPad, Jobs told him he sure could, in iWork Pages, and export it as a Word Doc if he wanted to. (there's been talk it can export as PDF for easy sharing as well).
[via Macrumors]

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There are 13 comments. Add yours.

hand me the gun and ask me again says:

really looking forward to how this develops. to be able to work on the ipad , it must be capable of editing iwork docs from an emailed attachment. interested to see how they implement this functionality.

Zapplegate says:

It seems like they're going to have their own "finder" similar to the photos app on the iPhone. It looks like each type of document will get its own slot. Or maybe I saw the video wrong... Well anyways, it solves the 'iWork to mail' problem

tonyunreal says:

Let's hope we can access our documents as in a usb mass storage device instead of syncing with iTunes...

Macboy74 says:

Who asked if 10hrs was long enough for ibook reading? What a stupid question. Who reads for more then 10hrs straight??????

Dyvim says:

@3 You can. And all apps can access docs in the shared file space at once. That potentially means you could use different apps to modify the same doc- a far cry from the OS as it stands now where each app has to store a separate copy of the doc in its own sandbox (or upload the modified version to iDisk or send it as a mail attachment for another app to get it). No longer will developers have to implement iDisk, attachment fetching, or WiFi file sharing functionality just to get docs into their apps (although these features would still be nice for sharing).

Spanky says:

@Macboy15: I read for more than 10 hours a day. What's wrong with that? Is there something problematic with reading for large amounts of time?

duke says:

@spanky if ppl r complaining about 10 hour battery life for reading theyre just looking for something oblivious to rant about. i doubt u would sit down and read for 10 hours straight. first of allu would need to eat and probably use the bathroom so while u go eat how bout u plug it in?

Earless puppy says:

most humans are awake for 16 hours a day, that's a healthy 8 hour sleep cycle... Now given a 1/2 hour to get up and get dressed and shower and 1/2 before you sleep... That leaves 5 hours to eat, pay your bills and act human... If you sit a robot read for more then 10 hours a day on average then this device is not for you.. Move on

jmadara says:

How does the document format work? Can you save it on a cloud and access it anywhere or does it sync with iTunes(yuck!)? Will Google apps work on the iPad?

smchrist2 says:

I think this will (not the iBooks app, the tablet in general) be amazing for work and college and you'll see these everywhere because they're so darn cheap

Dennis says:

Let me translate the discussion of battery life.
Walt: The Kindle lasts a bazillion times as long on a single charge than the iPad. How do you respond to that, Steve-o?
Steve: Listen, Walt. The iPad is 1.5 lbs. and does 20,000 times as many things as a Kindle, and we managed to push the battery life to 10 hours using wifi or 3G. That's twice to three times as long as any device this size. If that's not enough for people, then there's something anomalous about them. Seriously.
Walt: Seriously?
Steve: Seriously.

robinson says:

"@spanky if ppl r complaining about 10 hour battery life for reading theyre just looking for something oblivious to rant about. i doubt u would sit down and read for 10 hours straight"
What language is this written in? :-)
Plus, aren't we're all worried about the oblivious things!
Just teasing--it's the demise of the language due to Twitter and text messaging--but your point is right on target! Especially when at home, one would be close to outlets and could use their charging dock!

Pasty Flemmon says:

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