Jobs the movie now available to own forever from the iTunes Store

Some love it, some hate it, others simply don't care about it, but whatever your thoughts on the Jobs movie starring Ashton Kutcher, it can now be yours to own forever with its release into the iTunes Store. Or at least, the iTunes Store in some countries.

Ashton Kutcher is Steve Jobs, the iconic Apple innovator and groundbreaking entrepreneur. This inspiring and entertaining film chronicles Jobs’ early days as a college dropout to his rise as the co-founder of Apple Computer Inc. and forced departure from the company. More than a decade later, Jobs returns and single-handedly sets a course that will turn the once-tiny startup into one of the world’s most valuable companies. His epic journey blazes a trail that changes technology – and the world – forever. JOBS is a riveting story of a true American visionary, a man who let nothing stand in the way of greatness.

To say it received mixed reviews would be an understatement, and indeed our own Rene Ritchie had his own thoughts on it, so be sure to go back and read his review if you're looking for more. Personally, I still haven't seen it; the movie never made cinema release in the UK and the iTunes release is currently no different.

So, if you want it, hit up the iTunes Store at the link below. If you've got some thoughts on the movie though, be sure to drop them into the comments.

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Reader comments

Jobs the movie now available to own forever from the iTunes Store


The reviews don't fill me with confidence, wait for netflix I think.

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This movie was really bad. Steve Jobs did not deserve this.
I would call it "Very brief and inaccurate history of Steve Jobs".
The book which i read before the movie was way better

No iPhone, no iPad...Watch Pirates of Silicon Valley to cover this part of Steve's life, then wait for the Alan Sorkin depiction.

Pirates was such a good movie! I saw it in my grade 8 computer class like 10 years ago!

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I saw this on the shelves at Target last night. I simply thought, "Hmph. And there it is." (It just doesn't have any magic for me, to be a movie about one if the most infamously popular influential persons of our modern [tech] time.)

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I watched this movie yesterday and it was amazing.. Ashton kusher did very well playing his role, he had his voice, mannerisms and even the hunched over walk of Steve jobs perfectly but no spoiler here just go watch it I'm sure you won't be disappointed..

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I never watched it in theaters. Everyone told me it wasn't worth it, which is too bad as I was really hoping it was a good movie. Now that it's available for rental I'll catch it and make an opinion for myself

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No thanks. After hearing about the many many inaccuracies in the movie, I'll certainly pass.

Doesn't exactly entice me in the first place. I don't like the idolizations of a man.

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