Joe Danger Infinity returns to iOS with Joe Danger Infinity

Hello Games is back with another new installment of the popular Joe Danger game franchise, Joe Danger Infinity. Unlike its predecessor, Joe Danger Touch, this isn't a port of an existing game - Joe Danger Infinity was created for touch-based controls. It's also about twice the size of Joe Danger Touch.

Joe Danger is a daredevil who navigates crazy courses while he does death-defying feats. He's been shrunk down to the size of an action figure, and in addition to doing stunts on a motorbike, he can use cars, airplanes, a tank, runaway fireworks and dozens of other vehicles.

If you're a fan of side-scrolling action games and you're not already familiar with Joe Danger, make sure to check this out.

The game's developer met with calamity over the holidays - their office was flooded, and it turns out that their insurance didn't cover the loss (they document the entire experience on Twitter). Despite the trauma, they remained quite upbeat, and this week saw the release of Joe Danger Infinity and their previously-released Joe Danger 2: The Movie (for Mac, PC and Linux) as part of the Humble Bundle X collection.

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Joe Danger Infinity returns to iOS with Joe Danger Infinity