Join iMore in celebrating the new iPad launch with special edition t-shirts!

Join iMore in celebrating the new iPad launch with special edition t-shirts!

iMore and the Mobile Nations team will be giving out tons of special edition, collectors item t-shirts during next week's launch of the new iPad, but for those who don't live close by, we wanted to make sure you could be part of the fun as well!

These shirts are 100% 6.1 oz, pre-shrunk cotton and feature a relaxed but tailored fit with a seamless, ribbed collar and double-needle cover-stitching. The special edition iMore rainbow logo, made in homage to the Apple logo that appeared at the end of the new iPad event, is digitally printed at a tasteful 3-inch width. Below the logo is the launch date, 12-03-16.

And yes, they're really meant to be limited edition collectors items, just like Disney movies, and once the event is over we'll be retiring them to the vault.

We'll all be wearing them on event day, so if you want yours in time, order now!

$14.95 - Order now

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Join iMore in celebrating the new iPad launch with special edition t-shirts!


took me a while as well but its cool...sad Apple didnt allow their logo on much as you do for them

Today's date is 09-03-12. That's how it should be. Makes no difference about the US or not. I'm a American.

Leanna will be at a store in California. Even though I'm ordering online, I'll probably stop by a store to hand out shirts in the Chicago area. We will post a list of people waiting in line and where closer to the event. :)

I wonder if my teachers will be mad that I skipped class to stand in line for an ipad and hopefully free t-shirt. LOL.

I'll be looking forward to it!
Maybe I'll stop by in my iMore shirt and let Leanna play with my pre-ordered new iPad, but ONLY Leanna!

We're what? Think?
And let's not forget, if it wasn't for us, your post would have been written in German :)

Makes no sense why it wouldn't be 03-16-12. Still a cool shirt though! I want one but I just blew enough money on the iPad itself already.

Just forget the date, and call it the new "iMore" shirt, or "They ran out of the new iPad, so I got this cool T Shirt" it is a great shirt by the way.

Dumb... use the real date, in English. 3-16-12... problem solved.
Or maybe you can get really cute and put little dots... like 3.16.12 he he