Joz on Gaming: Head of iPhone Marketing on the App Store, SDK, and More

iPhone SDK: Hardcore Gaming

Apple's VP of iPhone and iPod Marketing, Greg "Joz" Joswiack, chatted with the UK's Edge Online about all things iPhone (and iPod touch!) gaming, and he once again shows us the power of perspective. While some might find the iPhone SDK limiting in terms of Apple's tight control and opaque approval process, Joz argues that, in some ways, its far more open than gaming handsets:

some of the game guys have told us that they love the experience here because, on a product like a DS or a PSP they’re very limited in what they can do, because they have to get the permission of a Sony or a Nintendo who might say, “No, we don’t want another example of that game,” or maybe because they’re creating such a game themselves, so it’s a lot more tightly controlled. Here, if they’ve got a great idea for a great game, they can just go for it, and that’s actually worked very much to our favour.

Joz shares his thoughts on the design of the iPhone, the SDK, App Store pricing, and many other issues as well. Given that the App Store has just passed 15,000 applications and half-a-billion downloads, with games no doubt accounting for a high percentage of those, the entire article is definitely a worthwhile read.

Check it out, and let us know whether you agree or disagree with Joz's point of view...

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Joz on Gaming: Head of iPhone Marketing on the App Store, SDK, and More


Its unforunate that the iphone/ipod doest have the buttons to surpass the psp n ds because i trully agree with it being a better gaming handset bc of its ability to offer better/cheaper games. Future gaming handsets will take the accelermator n add those missing apple features