JuiceTank iPhone case integrates folding wall plug

The JuiceTank case for iPhone 4 and 4S A really interesting iPhone case design has just hit KickStarter called JuiceTank. In addition to providing some added protection, the JuiceTank has two wall plug prongs which eject with the press of a button, allowing you to charge your iPhone 4 or 4s without needing to carry around wires. With this case and the advent of wireless syncing, there's really not much reason to use the dock connector for anything, eh? While handy, for that amount of added thickness, I would hope that there would be some additional charge stored within the case, and not just an easy way of charging up the iPhone's battery. Of course, it looks like these guys have crammed in a fair bit to their case as is, and the design is admittedly simple and useful. The JuiceTank guys are aiming to raise $125,000 over the next 60 days, and they're already five grand in towards that amount. Assuming it reaches its funding goal, the case should be shipping this summer. If you pitch in $40 now, you can get one at launch, at which point they'll be retailing for $70. Head on over to their KickStarter page to pitch in.

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Reader comments

JuiceTank iPhone case integrates folding wall plug


you could always buy this and use it to charge up your iphone when you visit US ! :) :D
Taking a closer look at this, it blocks everything on the bottom so you will have to use this only to charge, so you cant ever use your car charger or anything else, unless you wanna remove your case of course :?

It looks like it's designed exactly like a Mophie Juice Pack Air, but with a two prong plug on the back. The two hole under the screen port the mic and speaker on the bottom to out the front (like the Juice Pack Air) so they're still useful, and there looks to be USB mini on the side (again like the Juice Pack Air).
I'm also guessing that the Juice Pack Air is where it derived its name, JuiceTank.

Unless a surge protector is built into the product, I would not plug directly into a wall outlet. All my electronics are connected to surge protectors.

The Mophie Juicepack is more practical. Gives me an extra day of battery life and has a micro port to charge whenever. Even in my car. So there's never a need to take it off. This one will require me to remove if I'm in the car. Or when I'm in the bed. Or when I need to connect to my computer. I have zero use for this. If my battery dies now i just turn my case on and I can still be mobile. I would have to plug this into a wall thus preventing any use unless I want to sit directly next to the wall. I'll pass. Do yourselves a favor and get the Mophie Juice pack.