Jury says Samsung owes Apple another $290 million

Jury says Samsung owes Apple another $290 million

A jury in the new settlement trial, part of the Apple vs. Samsung trial, has determined that Samsung owes Apple an additional $290 million, on top of the $600 million that they already owed at the conclusion of the original trial. The previous amont had been $1 billion, but Judge Koh had vacated $450 million of that. The new amount is less than Apple was asking for, but much more than Samsung had hoped to pay, according to All Things D:

Apple had argued it was due a further $379 million, while Samsung maintained it should only owe $52 million for the portion of damages being reconsidered. Barring a successful appeal, Samsung also owes roughly $600 million in damages from the original verdict as well.

This isn't the end of the litigation between the two companies. A new trial, again before Judge Lucy Koh, is set to begin next year. The new trial concerns a new set of Samsung devices not covered in the original case. Both Apple and Samsung are appealing portions of the original case, hoping to get more favorable outcomes.

Do you think this settlement is fair? Let us know below in the comments.

Source: All Things D

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Reader comments

Jury says Samsung owes Apple another $290 million


Samsung will in the end write the check, and look at it as a cost of doing business. It's just part of their strategy to steal from others, and profit from it in the end.

If Samsung ever writes that check, Apple will just give it all back in purchasing component parts anyway.

It's a weird relationship.

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I think apple should just really stop. It's the business. Apple steals IP from a lot of people and then buys them out or runs them out business. Samsung does that and Motorola didn't and that's how it ended up under googles name. BlackBerry was minding its own business customers so it didn't care about the prosumers until it backfired.

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Just because they all do it, doesn't make it right.

Also, there's a big difference in buying a company for their IP (Apple), and outright stealing it (Samsung).

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One of the things was palms card view. Then blackberry did it then windows phone did it and apple did it. Isn't right but apple is the only one who is constantly complaining about it.

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Nah, I don't agree and if you had read and seen the court documents from the original trial you would have a much different opinion of Samsung then apple. There is a giant difference in the industry when a company likes a facet of an OS (such as palms card view) that is an excellent idea and then writes it's own code to implement it their own way. This happens all the time especially when something isn't patented, but apple has every right to go after and protect their core business as the documents that leaked showing Samsung took a lot more steps than just implementing their own ideas and borrowing from other OS. They out and out designed their OS to confuse consumers and make an iOS clone and the first galaxy s phones are completely evident of that. Apple has patents and the power to protect its self and they should have that opportunity. If it was as simple as you claim then samsung wouldn't be in this hole. The problem is (just like someone else posted above) this is just a cost for Samsung that they probably added in as R&D and when they are making billions off of stolen ideas (let alone the fact that they've already run out almost two great android oems in Motorola and now HTC) it really doesn't matter to them. The sad thing is apple will turn around and write even larger checks for components and manufacturing anyway. The mobile industry is worth much more than what's at stake in this trial and both apple and Samsung aren't going anywhere anytime soon.

This case is different from what Apple does. Apple sometimes borrows or copies ideas, but it does that with ideas that aren't patented. Samsung blatantly stole ideas that Apple specifically patented. So Apple has legal grounds to protect its ideas. I am proven right by this case's outcome. Twice a jury says, " Samsung, pay Apple for the things you stole!"

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They never patented a shape. This is one of the many things that misinformed samsung fans continually say over and over. This while argument was nothing more than a point that Samsung tried to make during this trial that there is only so many ways to make a phone (which they have and other android oems have shown the last couple years is incorrect). I do agree that the patent system is indeed extremely flawed, but what Samsung did deserved to be punished and they weren't found guilty on something ridiculous like arguing that they won some silly patent on a rectangular phone with rounded corners. Android blogs got a hold of this during the trial and android fans took it to whole new level. Yes, apple isn't always right in how or who they choose to sue, but in my opinion they really had to with Samsung and have every right to. Samsung not only stole ideas, but allowed themselves as the major player in the android world and didn't do it like other companies tried they simply copied apple on ever little part of their stategy. I don't see why android fans still argue this and other parts of the trial and try to take up for Samsung as Samsung is the reason that android is basically indistinguishable from where it was when they entered the market. Befor the galaxy s 1 and 2 we had a healthy Motorola and HTC now we have samsung strong arming every android competitor outside of Google out of the Eco system. It was built for choice and I miss that about android. It just isn't the same. In my opinion apple couldn't just sue samsung they had to also open lawsuits on all other android oems as we'll. those got all but thrown out, but apple
Isn't the big bad guy that hates the competition like everyone thinks as they have some great deals going on with companies like HTC and both companies are making great design and OS releases because of it. We need choice or Samsung will run android to the ground with their business tactics of stealing (among other things) and then once android is no longer the OS we all love it will go somewhere else.

On thing is for certain, the more and various ways that these two giants engage each other in matters of tech rights is writing a new book of precedence for the legal world.

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I love apple products. I've been an apple loyalist since I purchased an iPhone 3G in 2008, and I would probably not buy any non apple device anytime soon, before that I liked everything windows. I believe what Samsung continues to do is genius. The copying of the phone, the ads, the stores, etc. takes the "specialness" away from apple products. They're no longer unique. If I were them I would continue to do it regardless of how much they continue to spend on court fees.

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It's nice to see the jury come to the right decision, and that Apple gets almost the entire amount they were seeking in the first place.

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Just stop Apple you giant bully. Just because you have the judges on your side doesn't mean that you could file pointless lawsuits. It's the tech industry, companies steal ideas from each other and improve on them. Just accept the fact that you aren't the best anymore and leave Samsung alone before it all backfires on you and Samsung cuts ties with you for good. None of the phones look anywhere close to each other so I'm sure consumers will not confuse the yours and Samsungs products. Don't let greed get in the way of your business!

Apple doesn't have judges on its side, it has the law on their side. Samsung stole.
You can't just say, "it's the tech industry, stealing is ok." That's like saying killing is ok as long as everyone is doing it. Wrong is wrong, it's that simple.
Samsung will never cut ties with Apple, Apple is their best customer. Samsung makes tons of money from Apple.

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So how do you explain your beloved Apple copying others then. In case you so called forgot, Apple copied Google's drop down notification bar, HTC's multitasking design in iOS7, Apple Music's design looks awfully similar to Google Music's design. LG has also copied Samsung's features but you don't see them filing lawsuits. But the fact that Apple is on Samsung's d tells you that they are intimidated. And yes, stealing ideas without patenting is fine (and I don't mean patenting stupid things like how your lock screen looks or how many icons your app grid has, etc). It only promotes improvements on what others have done and it's also better for us, the consumers.

Another misinformed and under educated android fanboy joins the comments. Have you been asleep while this trial has been going on? After all that came out how can you honestly take Samsungs side? Their business tactics doesn't just hurt apple it hurts every other oem and that current state of android shows this. Just look at what android has become since Samsungs entry. Samsung is the only company making any money and they are only stealing market share from the likes of Motorola and HTC. Do some homework Or read something outside of pro android blogs that only want page views so you can form your own educated opinion.

There is no end between Apple and Samsung. They will always fight each other but at the end the benefit will come to us as the consumer.

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I never understood how the Samsung Replenish infringed on Apple's design patent. It has a big honking keyboard on the front. If the patent covers that much, maybe it's just too general.

It's a shame the legal system doesn't work faster and ban the latest infringing devices in the US. By the time a jury says Samsung is guilty, the devices in question are 2 generations old at least.

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Apple will loose in the end because Samsung will bump up the cost of that new chip that Samsung makes for the new 5S, I-Pad mini and etc, etc. It will end up costing Apple big bucks for their day in Court. What a crazy mixed up business. SmartPhones keep getting better, keep pushing the envelope.

You do know that Samsung doesn't "make" apples chips, right? Apple designs all of them Samsung just puts them together. Nothing more than a plant like Foxconn. Apple has already weaned itself off of Samsung for years. The only real money they make is off of components, but make no mistake Samsung cannot and does not make the quality silicon that apple makes and that's the reason Samsung buys from snapdragon.

This is absolutely what should happen! I heard a rumor that there is a possibility of a trial that might ban some of their products. I sure hope that happens! It's what those copy cats deserve.

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These trials are literally going to last FOREVER! How I understand it (I may be wrong), coming up is the THIRD seperate but related trial, and there haven't been any appeals yet. Who knows how many seperate trials there will be, and as the article said, BOTH companies will be appealing for more money! I don't know if you're allowed to appeal an appeal, but even if you're not, it's going to be a while before its settled.

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Your absolutely right. Apple won't see any of this money for years if not decades. All of these trials will be Locked up in court room battle after court room battle and then each verdict will be wrapped in appeal after appeal.

These stupid trials only hurt the consumers, as the costs are passed on to us.

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This is the saddest part of this trial and your absolutely right. Both Samsung and apple are not going anywhere anytime soon. In a way they are both bad on smaller company's like HTC and Motorola.

Samsung is gangsta, its like how those drunk rich white boys like to show off that new mercedez there mommy and daddy bought them but then that one gangsta dude is like "gimme that shit" robs the white boy and drives off in a free benz in style but then the rich white boy calls the cops and has the "law" on there side so the gangsta beats up the white boy for snitching. So apple should stop being so white before they get there asses kicked on the street where iphones arent so special anymore

Samsung is lucky that I wasn't on the jury, because I would've definitely done my best to award Apple a lot more money. The only real sad thing about all this is that the lawyers will take a big piece of the (Apple)pie. I would be real interested in seeing just how much of that pie they do get.
After all is said and done, I have only one more thing to say, "Congratulations Apple!!!"

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I fully agree that if somebody steals from someone then they must be punish for it. But I think its just that SOME of the patents of Apple in question is a bit unrealistic like the one about the shape/corner.

I don't have all the facts regarding this issue so all the things coming from me might as well be garbage but I'm sorry I'm just saying what I feel. It might have the result of a somewhat broken patenting system and Apple took advantage of it. I don't know if somebody can enlighten me about the subject, please do.

Another thing, these 2 tech giants seem to have one of the most, if not the most, awkward symbiotic-slash-cutthroat-competition relationship around.

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I'm just trying my best to be objective with the subject with the information that I know. I'm no Samsung fanboy, in fact, I haven't owned any android phone.
And I don't have any problem with the verdict, just giving out my 2 cents regarding the issue.

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Samsung is not accused of the shape patent, but they are accused of software patents, involving multi touch gesture for zooming in and out of documents, bounce effects for documents, to name few, which has made the iOS experience all together different from early android experience. There was even an internal samsung document, around 80 slices comparing iPhone UI with samsung s2 (or S1), where samsung managers are saying make it like iPhone.
Samsung was unable to defend themselves from jury, and this trial is to validate how much damage samsung has given to Apple products. Apple didnt win much on patents outside US, as patent system works differently, even they loose ground at UK, and have to show in their website that samsung didnt copy tablet design from apple.

These are some of facts which happen in last two years. And as per my own views, yes Samsung was unethical in copying Apple features, market strategy, cloud strategy, stores, its like they took all the handwork of Apple and applied it in their own Business wherever it applicable. Another argument I can make, it took Apple good 3-5 years to come up with first iPhone, and it took 6 months only for Samsung to copy it. Only good product from them could be galaxy note (in mobile space), see their failure in galaxy gear.

Apple is also not saint, they too take inspiration from outside world (competitors too), as you can see from notification centre, iOS 7 design, but they dont cross the line by giving their own touch and not go in to patent direction, if something is patent they try to license it, if not, they too have given the price for it, (swiss watch UI). But what I like about Apple, is they try to bring some thing good, and new to the table, with the way which others have not done before. See fingerprint scanner, it was there before, but not as cool, functional and easy to use. And next year many android phones will come with finger print scanners with the same ease of use as of Apple.

From a legal prospective, I agree with the verdict. Apple was smart to patent everything they have stolen, copied, and bought from others. Steve Jobs said that Apple shamelessly and proudly stole many ideas from others. Paraphrasing, “Good artists copy, great artists steal.” By that notion, Samsung was the better artist, followed the lead of Apple, and beat them at their own game.

What I don’t understand is Apple’s hypocrisy. Phil, Apple’s big marketing guy, claimed that Apple had difficulty selling its phones because many consumers were confused on the look and feel between Samsung and Apple phones. From the look of the 15 Samsung phones, they do not look anywhere near Apple’s phones. Apple consumers are known to be more educated and savvy than other non-Apple consumers, so are they that stupid?

Tim Cook claimed many Android phones are junk, but if Samsung copied Apple phones, aren’t Apple phones junk too? But somehow Samsung is able to still do well in their sales??? How can Apple’s brand and innovation be threatened by all the non Apple phones? Think about it, if consumers want the whole Apple smart phone experience, wouldn’t they buy Apple phones than other knock-offs? Perhaps Apple is indirectly praising Samsung…that there are indeed those consumers who may want a better alternative that suit their needs?

Even though Samsung needs to pay up almost $1 billion, at the end of the day, the real loser here is Apple. THEY HAVE INDIRECTLY ADMITTED HOW WEAK THEY REALLY ARE.

Thanks for that. I gotta say that's a much better read than going through a 8-10 page article full of unfamiliar jargons. On the Apple-Samsung suit, after reading what you posted, yes I gotta agree with all the things you pointed out. And as I have mentioned I have no qualms regarding the verdict.

And, about patenting even the littlest thing, I know it's just a way to protect intellectual properties and I may not support it 100% (90% ok with it, 10% not so much), I think it's all for the best. Maybe this is just the kind of push other companies need to innovate more.

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I think 290 million dollars is a bit much even if that's a drop in the ocean with these huge companies. If Samsung does steal apples ideas then then it's only fair that action is taken but it's probably a bit much.

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Samsung doesn't stand to loose much. As they have made enough profit and market share with the copied ideas.
Samsung will continue to work with the same business model "Copy first and Pay later"

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