Kaboom's Paratrooper lands on the iPhone

Kaboom's Paratrouper for iPhone

Kaboom's Paratrooper is simple in theory -- tap the plane to drop the paratrooper, tilt your iPhone or iPod touch to direct them to the landing spot. And right there is where every casual gaming fan knows the addiction starts and the mayhem begins.

You want to hit the X. You need to hit that X. Things get more complicated quickly, of course. Obstacles build up. They're paratroopers after all, not sky divers. So don't be surprised when you start having to leap -- and land -- into the middle of a paper-art war zone. (Yeah, paper-art. Awesome.)

Kaboom's Paratrooper originally gained its well-deserved fame on Palm webOS, and Palm has a great article up about the app and it's transition beyond webOS. (Hard to imagine Apple doing likewise, so kudos there.) Hard hard was it to port?

"The process has been straightforward," Rob Bredow says. "We were able to re-use most of the code and just wrapped our webOS sprite library in a sprite library designed for the iPhone. All the logic stayed the same."

Games have historically been among the most platform friendly of fare, with many being ported from iPhone to webOS or Android, so nice to see it can go both ways.

If you check out Kaboom's Paratroopers for iPhone, let us know what you think.

[webOS: behind the apps, iTunes link]

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Kaboom's Paratrooper lands on the iPhone


@Sagar: Icon is Retina-optimized, game is not, but does look good.
@IF: Multi-tasking is there.
It's a great casual game that's well-polished. I like it.

@ Xgm
Thank you Captain Obvious! Just expressing my opinion. And if my original post wasn't obvious enough to you, I choose not to buy.

@Darkstar Considering that Palm webOS apps are typically sold for more than iOS apps, I'm not surprised by the price. Although I can't help but agree with you. With the way the App Store has been going, it's nearly impossible to sell your app without charging $0.99 or less. On the App Catalog, developers are able to charge more because the market isn't flooded with cheap apps. I'm sure that once Kaboom realizes the difference in market value, they'll lower the price of the app for iOS to $0.99.