KaleidoVid Video Kaleidoscope for iPhone


Pop quiz: you're a successful independent iPhone developer who's personal management apps are beloved by critics and users alike, but you just really need a break, a way to recharge the batteries and have some non-managed fun, what do you do?

If you're App Cubby's David Barnard, you grab Polar Bear Farm's Layton Duncan and Made by Rocket's Dave Keller and you produce KaleidoVid [$0.99 - iTunes link], a colorful, eye-full of childlike wonder for the iPhone. And you make it as simple as it is elegant.

Point your iPhone camera at, well, anything you like (the more varied and vivid the better in our tests) and KaleidoVid instantly transforms the live view into a dazzling, multi-reflected kaleidoscope of lines and blobs, hues and shades, and with a click of a button saves them to your camera roll or lets you share them with friends over the ever-social Facebook or Twitter, or good old email. (Yeah, it's pretty much instant wallpaper awesome in a bottle if you think the way we do).

Whether you want the same kind of refresh and recharge the developers were after, or you just want to give your child something light and fun to distract them, KaleidoVid is definitely something to check out.

More screenshots after the break!

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KaleidoVid Video Kaleidoscope for iPhone


Looks cool, I guess I'll check it out.
I guess you don't have any electronics in your house then, not to mention clothes... All made in China baby

"but you just really need a break, a way to recharge the batteries and have some non-managed fun, what do you do?"
well in my case I made a camera app too - to help me take photos of Walmart creatures to post on peopleofwalmart.com :)
I wanted a way to disguise my iPhone camera so I created an app where I can make my camera look like any app, it's pretty sweet. I can even use a web browser and take pics at the same time with the browser controls! The app is beyond my expectations for what I'd be allowed to do with the sdk.
I'm going to put it on the app store at the end of the month, check it out:
or stealthcamapp.com
you could help me eat something other than ramen by getting the free version and doing an in-app upgrade!

Ooh fun! Anything to take me away to a dreamy place where the anxiety of being a full time working, wife, and mother of three young kiddos, just drifts away, and sounds of nagging and whining suddenly disappear, if only for a few brief moments! Hahaha, and the kids would probably love it too! ; )