Ken Yarmosh of savvy apps talks Agenda ninja tips at WWDC 2012

Ken Yarmosh, the driving mind behind the information rich and gesture-centric savvy apps was kind enough to take some time out of his busy WWDC 2012 schedule to talk to us about the awesome Agenda calendaring app.

Leanna and I used Agenda almost exclusively to manage our schedule at WWDC, so we were already enthusiastic about the app. Ken took that up a notch or two, expounding on the thoughtful, efficient way he thinks about workflow and design, and getting things done.

This is part 1 of a 2 part interview. Ken also showed us some Buzz Contacts ninja tips, and we'll post those shortly.

In the meantime, check out the interview up top, and if you're as convinced as we were, go grab Agenda on the App Store.

$0.99 - Download now

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Reader comments

Ken Yarmosh of savvy apps talks Agenda ninja tips at WWDC 2012


I'm sorry, but, no, this is not the be-all and end-all of calendar apps. I downloaded it many moons ago based on glowing reviews here and quickly found it was unusable.

  1. These mobile calendars are devices. ("Duh!," right?! Bear with me for a moment...)
  2. I check my mobile (iPhone) calendar frequently while "on the go" with quick glances or when pressed for time etc.
  3. Therefore, the calendar view should be oriented toward visual-spatial recognition of time periods, NOT LISTS that do not provide a visually intuitive representation of time.
  4. Agenda, for all it's fancy features, is thus hard to read and understand "in the now," ironically.

Until they can simply copy the native Calendar's visual "blocks of time," all those supposed "fast" features are simply lipstick on a pig.
I know, I know, I sound a bit reactionary, but I really wanted this app to work for me in order to have the best of both worlds, but, like it's sister, DUE, it forgets to stick to the tried and true basics and thus fails.
But I will keep checking to see if they get the visuals right someday.....

I don't get how this app gets any love at all. It has a major huge glaring problem. Look up anything from December 2010 in Agenda. Oh, what's that? You can't? EXACTLY. The developers call this a feature, as the inability to use your calendar to look back keeps you (and I quote the developer here) "in the now."
Also, the iPad month view is really bad, with months crammed up against each other.
And finally, why do they place dots ABOVE events when every other app places them beneath? That's a poor UI decision.
This really could be an excellent app, but it feels like the developers are determined to intentionally get some of the basics wrong. Maybe they think it makes their app look unique? I don't know, but I find Agenda to be a combination of Outstanding and Unusable. In the end, I had to delete it.
Seriously now.
- FIX THE iPAD MONTH VIEW. It looks terrible.
- PUT THE DOTS BELOW THE DATE, where they belong.
- DON'T LIMIT ME TO A YEAR AND A HALF! I need to look back sometimes. If I have to use another app for that, I might as well stick to using the other app.