UPDATED: Kevin Rose: iPad 2 coming Feb. 1 with dual cameras, Retina Display

Digg founder Kevin Rose, whose record with Apple rumors ranges from spot on to completely wrong, now claims he has it on good authority that iPad 2 will be announced in 3-4 weeks, possibly February 1, and include dual cameras as well as a Retina Display.

Dual cameras seem almost certain given how Apple is pushing FaceTime (and given our video hands-on with the dummy iPad 2 at CES). Retina Display though? We've been over that before but just to recap...

The current iPad is 1024 x 768. Apple needs to double that in both directions to go Retina, which would make 2048 x 1536. At 9.7-inches. That's more pixels than Apple's 27-inch LED cinema display at a fraction of the seize. Even if LG or whomever could crank out those panels, the cost would almost certainly be prohibitive. And if Apple tries to do anything other than double the resolution, current apps would either look terrible if stretched or would have UI elements shrunken below the point of usability by boxing.

Sure, maybe Apple will invent automagic resolution independence but anyone who's seen even the straight "blurry double chunky" pixel doubling mode on the current iPad knows sometimes less is more.

UPDATE: Kevin Rose has updated to hedge on the Retina Display:

Spoke w/another source, the display has a "higher dpi", but not technically a retina display. This seems odd to me, we'll have to wait and see..

[Kevin Rose]

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Reader comments

UPDATED: Kevin Rose: iPad 2 coming Feb. 1 with dual cameras, Retina Display


Why this upgrade will be "revolutionary" and "Groundbreaking"..Camera technology is a new phenom on mobile devices so this will be the biggest thing since sliced bread!!!! Can't wait to get rid of my old outdated Ipad of one year and spend another 700 bucks on these Major Major Changes!!!

I'd rather seem them go Super AMOLED, which is the screen tech that stopped me from buying an iPhone 4. When I saw the Samsung Focus side by side with the iPhone 4, the difference was night and day: Super AMOLED is superior in spite of the slightly lower resolution.
In fairness, though, it was also the usability, sophistication and "next gen" feel of Windows phone 7 that sold me. Side by side, iOS just feels old and stale :p

Windows Phone 7 looks amazing, and the SuperAMOLED display looks far superior to the so called 'Retina Display'. That's coming from someone with an iPhone 3Gs and a 27inch iMac.

Wow Kevin he is wow idk but I really hope the iPad does not look like that. That dummy is UGLY! Not Apple like at all.

getting bored of romours and speculation. If people dont know they should just shut it!
It's pretty much a given the iPad 2 will have cameras 1 or 2, who knows. And that the specs will be greater than the original. So just wait for official announcements and images!

Agreed, and if I see the words 'reliable source' or 'analyst' again, i'm going to throw up LOL

Rose is a has-been douche. Why does he even get space here?
NO Retina display. The horsepower and cost means it ain't gonna happen anytime soon. Not for iPad 2G.

Anything more than 1280x960 (4x3 with enough pixels for 16x9 720p) is technically unlikely this gen. But this would mean no smooth scaling of current apps...

I personally cant wait to see what's on the iPad 2. I already have an iPad. But I think I'm going to wait for the iPad 3 because that would be a bigger step

If he were a smart guy, he would have waited for the iPad 2 in the first place. He didn't learn from the iPhone 1st gen.

The smart guy buys a product that he needs when he wants and doesn't sit around waiting with each generation. Such a foolish comment when people gloat about waiting. Apparently the smartest person buys nothing and waits forever.
And I've had every iPhone revision so far (except the 3GS) - and there was nothing wrong with iPhone first gen.

The only smart guy is el Jobso for convincing people to part with their cash every single year.
Apple products should come with a 'best before' date so we all know our iJunk will be obsolete in 6 months.

I used an iPhone 2G for 3.5 years before upgrading to the iPhone 4. I just recently gifted a second hand iPhone 2G to a person who never used a smarthphone before. Obsolete? Apple's product and especially the iPhone had proven they could withstand the test of time better than any competitor

Idk but I'm quite happy with the iPad. Sure faster processors and more memory would be welcome but it already does what I want it to do. Anything more is gravy.

Yea there's no way it would have close to 2K of resolution in 9.7".
Clearly the "higher DPI" is simply upping it to 720p. I would be impressed if they got it to 1080p, but I doubt that too based off the fact that small screens at that resolution are still very expensive. It'd probably be 60-70% of the price of the iPad with a 1080p screen so I'm only expecting 1280x720.

For many reasons, it's 2048x1536 or bust. It's by far the best way to provide backwards compatibility while improving display resolution. It's not "Retina Display" quality at 265 DPI, but still awesome sharp for a such a screen size.
Apple going to a 16:9 to 16:10 screen ratio is basically crazy. As has been said so many times, that type of screen ratio is only good for watching digital TV.
For everything else, it is a net negative. It's a poorer aspect ratio for web browsing, which is what most people do with the device, poorer for all uses in portrait, and basically poorer for most things in landscape.
It could be that the screen is better such as done on the iPhone 4 with the LCD adhesed to the glass, some coating that produces less glare, some LCD tech that produces better black levels.

Forgive me if this is a stupid question, but why is it that android phones can have such diverse screen sizes and resolutions, but iOS devices seem to be more restricted? Just wondering.

There is no technical reason - just a design philosophy. Android holds that variety is a strength, and that consumers benefit from having multiple choices. Apple holds that consistency is a strength, and that consumers benefit from a single vision. Fanbois on either side can spin either statement positively or negatively, but the truth is each approach has some definite strengths and weaknesses.
But don't expect the same variety in iOS as Android; that is how Apple wants it.

screw apple. I knew they would pull this where they intentionally leave the cameras out in the ipad 1st gen but put them in the 2nd gen iPad. no thank u I'm looking forward to dual core playbook goodness!

you guys on the right track, but didn't get to the ultimate destination!
Flskydiver gets the 1280x960 display right, so 16:9 video can be displayed on iPad 2's 4:3 screen at a "native" 1280x720, letterboxed. that would equal 165 dpi, up from 132 dpi of iPad 1 and just a bit better than the Xoom's 160 dpi.
but why? ah! so the iPad can precisely display the coming new AppleTV apps! which will of course have to be in a 16:9 format, and almost certainly at 720p for HDTV's, Apple's iOS HD standard.
this will accomplish two important things:
first, you will be able to run ATV apps also standalone on your iPad- which is nice tho not essential. but it will be an incentive for developers to come up with innovative new AppleTV apps, which is important.
second, you will be able to use the iPad as the UI controller for ATV apps with the same screen image displayed on both your iPad and HDTV at the same time - not "blindly" as a mere trackpad like the Remote app now does. this will be great for when precise UI control is really needed - notably, for a browser and of course, games.
this will make the iPad + AppleTV a terrific combo product, and at a better price than Android tabs + Google TV.
Then this fall we will see the consummation of all this - the Apple HDTV with ATV built in. but that is another story ..

I like the way you think. I wasn't expecting an iPad resolution increase this generation, but the Apple TV tie-in possibilities you describe may have changed my mind on that.
I still think I'd like to hold out for the 1920x1440 (1080p) "Retina" display of iPad 4 or 5; but even this relatively small DPI bump to 720p will have some significant usability benefits for a few uses over my iPhone 4 -- which currently does enough of what I'd use a current-gen iPad for (in an infinitely more portable manner) that I didn't feel the need to buy an iPad yet.
However, for most uses, I still feel I really only need my mobile phone (that I take with me anywhere) or my TV (when I'm at home). I don't really have many uses for an in-between device. I read ebooks just fine on my iPhone's tiniest font, so the only reason I kinda want a current-gen iPad is for viewing aviation charts in a cockpit environment. The size is right for that, but the DPI is just a bit too lacking as of yet. A bump to 720p (though a lot less than I'd like) may make all the difference.

Not to get too technical on the tech writers here, but you don't need to double the iPad's screen resolution to qualify as a Retina Display. It's all about pixel density and viewing distance. The definition of Retina Display is for the human eye not to be able to distinguish individual pixels. Since the iPad is held further away from the user's eyes than the small-screened iPhone, you do not need to have the same pixel density as on the iPhone.
Will the iPad 2 have a Retina Display? Since no company has running production facilities for a screen of iPad's size at such high pixel density, I don't think so.

With the update, what it sounds like might be the same resolution but smaller iPad to achieve the higher density??