What kind of case do you want for your iPhone 4?

What kind of case do you want for your iPhone 4? Reason we thought about it is iPhone 4 has a glass front and back that we think is some unicorn tear infused admantium/transparent aluminum hybrid, but the moment he saw it Chad's reaction was to shriek "oh my goodness no there's two sides to shatter if I drop it" (which Dieter's imagination went immediately to ball-peen hammers, don't ask!)

My pocket says naked, but my pocket-book says "protect me!". Jeremy prefers his executive leather folders, Georgia her chrome and Leanna her bright, colorful skins. Matt might still want his armor, and I think Ally just wants ninja tabi).

It's a new design for the iPhone 4 and a brand new day for case makers, so tell them what you want!

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What kind of case do you want for your iPhone 4?


I want another InCase slider, just the right shape for the new phone. It protects it from falls, but is just grippy enough on the back not to slide off a table or my leg when propped up.

What ever happened to the case that kinda looked like the bunker, but it was impact resistant. In the video the guy threw the phone at a wall and dropped it from a balcony.

I've never used cases. It's like those people who keep their new furniture covered with plastic to keep it nice for nobody to ever see. :roll:

I'll be going with the exact same winning combination I've got on my 3GS.
PS Anti-Glare for the front, Wrapsol film for the back, and insurance for the drops (hopefully never to be used!)

I live on the coast in a very rainy area. Every other phone I've had has died from rain. Without the OtterBox I'm sunk - or at least my iPhone is. Now, if they could just incorporate an anti-glare film like the one from Power Support over the display.

It's called "the bumper, right?" I love the idea of preserving the thinness of the iPhone 4 while protecting the screen from shattering during a fall and the corners from being dinged. I'm also not sure I want to hold the antenna with my bare hands although if you are in contact with an antenna, doesn't your body become an extension if the antenna?

Seeing that this new phone looks pretty good and its thinner, and having this beutiful back glass cover, i wanna hold this naked in my hand, so i guess i'll go with a raw leather slim pouch. Just like i did with my current 3g...

I think I'll wait and see what Wrapsol brings out for the iPhone 4. I really love the Wrapsol for the iPad.

Rene what the heck is ninja tabi? Whatever it is, I'm down! Haha
in all seriousness, I think I am pretty close to Leanna as far as case favorites go. Leanna introduced me to iSkin a long time ago and I love them. I'll definitely be a buyer I'd they come out with iPhone 4 cases (I'm sure they will). Bumpers look interesting. I'll have to see them in person before I decide that. I'm also a big fan of Incipio and Belkin cases.

I've always been a big fan of the bestskinsever.com skins. They have their iPhone 4 page up, with pricing, now at http://www.bestskinsever.com/iphone-4-skin, it's 7.99 for the full body skin. I'll probably wind up doing that with the bumpers to start, I have yet to find a case for my iPhone 3g that I can tolerate any longer than a few days at a time, but with a glass front and back, I'm feeling the need to do something, I hope they start taking orders soon, I'd really like to have the skin the sameday as the phone. Seal in the freshness :D

In the past I've always gone Sena Ultra slim pouch for carrying (pocket or backpack), but used it naked (no screen protector). I might do the same for the iPhone 4, or I might try a bumper. I really wanted something like the bumper for the original iPhone to make it less slippery when watching videos (holding phone by the edge with just the finger tips). Will have to try them out.

I want a decent lanyard case. So often I don't want in my pocket particularly on weekends when out and about with pockets full of iPhone scratching junk and at work I find it convenient just to sling it round my neck.

I keep my iPhone 4 in just a bumper. Ive been one of those people that always switched cases like crazy for my 3GS and boy do I tell ya, cases will scratch the he'll of your iPhone and since this one is glass I just wanna get rid of that headache and just enjoy the feel of the real thing in my hand. Not rubbery plastic covered up so much that people have to ask what kind of phone you have. But just with this bumper I can enjoy the phone and the feel and it's great! Plus you save alot more money! Lol

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