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Yes, folks, I was one of the suckers eager buyers of the 2nd edition of the Kindle. My pain is your pleasure, though, as you can get some early screenshots of the app already loaded up with books via Whispersync.

As you may have just read in our previous post, Amazon has just released Kindle for iPhone for free in the App Store (iTunes link), you cannot buy Kindle books directly from the app. Instead you can purchase inside Mobile Safari, from your desktop, or from a Kindle

The text is nice and readable (and you can resize as well). The app keeps a "page metaphor," meaning that instead of being able to scroll up and down, you swipe left and right to switch pages. A single tap on the screen bring up a menu to give you back, bookmark, text-size, and a sync button to sync your last page read with a Kindle.

The Whispersync tech works exactly as advertised -- books purchased show up as "Archived" and you can then download them directly to your iPhone.

Head on in after the break for your screenshots!


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Dieter Bohn

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Kindle for iPhone Gallery


Thanks Dieter! Holds up better on a smaller screen than I thought it would. Any idea yet if illustrations in books will be color on the iPhone, or limited to the Kindle gray scale?

Whoo hooo engadget linked to you guys hahah.
Is there a reason to even buy a kindle now? Iphone has been an e-book reader since day one :)

I gotta hand it to you, I can't figure out how Amazon could silently launch the iPhone App, maybe we're just hours away from the new digital revolution. The applause is yours!

Um, how about posting a link to the application there? Doesn't seem such an unreasonable request, now does it? Seems amateurish, or devishly smart... wouldn't want us wandering off the page now would you?

Just saw in endgadget comments, apparently you can buy Kindle books on the Amazon store iPhone app too. That seems a lot easier.

@wajeremy I tried using the Amazon Mobile app to buy a book and found it only let me add it to my Wishlist. You can however purchase books through Mobile Safari on the iPhone. A little convoluted, but it works.
I'm willing to bet if you could purchase in the Kindle app, Apple would have denied it...

I've mentioned this before, but it's still a problem: Image galleries get broken on the "iPhone View" of TIPB. Why can't a website dedicated to iPhones get their site to display correctly on one?

You can buy Kindle books directly on the iPhone by using the existing Amazon iPhone app, then go to the Kindle Reader app and tell it to download them.
I'm downloading books right now. I hope it supports landscape mode.

iTunes link was in the previous post, edited to include it and a link back.
The iPhone optimizer and the gallery view aren't working nicely together, apologies and yep, we're working on a better solution.

Does anyone know if text to speech works on the iPhone? This would be a perfect solution when running on the treadmill while trying to catch up on reading material.

Missing my newspaper subscriptions. I forgot my Kindle 2 at home today, so I figured I could read the newspaper on my iPhone with the Kindle App. Nope, missing.

You can create and transfer your OWN book to the app. Just use "Auto Kindle" (Google it) to convert to the Kindle .mobi format, then transfer to your iPhone with the "iPhone Browser" app (no jailbreak required). You need to find the folder that Kindle is installed in under "var/mobile/applications" (you will have to look around for it. Put the .mobi book in the "Documents/ebooks" folder, and you are ready to go.
Happy Reading

on the iphone when I open the app back it does not go to the furthest read page. Anybody else have that problem.

Found the problem. Before you close the app you need to tap it, which will display the location and other options. You can then just close it. If you close it while in page reading mode it won't remember were you were.

@KevinoMan: iPhone Browser does not allow you to access the non-media parts of the iPhone if you are not jailbroken.
I keep seeing people write this various places on the internet, but it is just not true. The non-media area of the iPhone is access denied unless you're jailbroken; that's what jailbreaking DOES to your iPhone, it removes the restrictions Apple puts in place.

Just an FYI to everyone. There is ONLY support for book on the iPhone. NO periodicals. When you try and buy a magazine, it says that you do not ahve a Kindle device associalted with this account. I spoke to tech support (since I KNOW i registered my Amazon account on my iPhone) and they told me that they currestly support books only. I have not bought a book yet, but I am sure others have.
So, no magazines or newspapers.

I disagree with the earlier post that people will return their Kindle's because Amazon launched an iphone app. The reading experience is completely different on a Kindle versus a mobile device. Also.. reading on your iphone will kill your battery... I do think it is weird that you can't read periodicals/newspapers though. If I were going to use my iphone for Kindle would be for the daily news...not for a book.