Amazon Kindle for iPhone and iPod touch Now in the iTunes App Store

Amazon's Kindle App for iPhone and iPod touch is now live in the App Store. It allows access to hundreds of thousands of Amazon Kindle format e-books (we assume the whole 200K plus library).

The Amazon Kindle for iPhone app is FREE (iTunes Link), but it looks like books need to be purchased from Amazon directly via PC or Mac and transferred over, or from the iPhone via Mobile Safari. Most e-books should run $9.99. Like with the Kindle device itself, you can sample first chapters for free, adjust text size and bookmark. You can't annotate but you can view Kindle annotations.

Whispersync is also enabled so you can start reading on the Kindle, switch to the iPhone, and basically go back and forth without losing your place. Books you've already purchased for the Kindle, of course, can be placed on the iPhone or iPod touch as well.

Note: Per Dieter, this doesn't seem to be showing up on the iPhone App Store app yet, and -- of course -- it's not available (yet?) in the Canadian App Store (or any international App Store?)

Any Kindle users out there ready to test this out and let us know how it's working?

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Amazon Kindle for iPhone and iPod touch Now in the iTunes App Store


Whoo hooo engadget linked to you guys hahah. Is there a reason to even buy a kindle now? Iphone has been an e-book reader since day one :)

I have no clue how Amazon could possibly launch this Killer App silently. The applause is yours at iphoneblog!

This will be great, access to all the new content on kindle for iphone. I wonder if there will be any color enabled for content that would be black and white on the kindle device.

@peter Book covers are in color - not sure about illustrations though, as I don't have any books containing any

I would assume it won't be available in international iTunes stores, as the Kindle ecosystem is currently a US-only proposition.

No Uk version yet :(
Surprised not to see apple step into the e-book distribution/reader market! iPhone and iTunes are fully optimised to deliver the goods...

amazone clients outside the US (with no US-Creditcards) are not able to buy books at and we dont't know yet when we will offer our products to EU-countries
(Christine Höger, Amazon Germany)

I'm in Japan and I had no trouble accessing the app, or using it to access my previously purchased Kindle books (x47), or buying Stephen King's "UR" through my Mac laptop this afternoon and reading it on my iPhone. I have a US billing address and US credit card and that's all it takes, apparently. I really am enjoying reading on the iPhone. Great way to leave my Kindle at home and still get access to my growing Kindle library.

I've installed this now and purchased a few books to try it out and get a feel for how well I like it. So far, I find the interface and readability quite nice. I did adjust the font size a bit smaller so I wasn't paging quite so often, though, and I think I'd enjoy having the ability to rotate the display for a wider, perhaps more page-width-friendly, display.
My only other observation, after spending about an hour reading on one book, is that, without any visual indicator for my progress through the book or even a time display, I found it a little disorienting. But if the book is engaging enough then I don't necessarily see this as a problem.

Unsurprisingly, it's not available outside the USA. This is a disappointment - I thought Kindle was US-only because of it's dependence on Amazon's US-only deal with Verizon. Or maybe their ebook rights are limited to the US, although it's a stretch to imagine that Amazon's clout with book publishers suffers from any impediment whatsoever. This Amazon we're talking about, after all. I think the real reason is that, outside the USA, Amazin is a good deal less than it looks - no bricks 'n' mortar, no local infrastructure. It's just a (brilliant) web-based ordering service I'm Seattle that makes fulfillment deals with local suppliers, like Indigo (books) and HMV (CD, DVD) in Canada. They who goods in Amazon-branded boxes, but there's no "there" there, so to speak. Kindle is a physical product, and it's Amazon's own creation. Either at this point they don't want to invest in local infrastructure outside the USA or they simply can't be bothered with us. I suspect the latter, for quite a while. After all, the Kindle is a sellout in America. Why bother with foreign markets? Still hard to understand, though, why they've blocked sale of the Kindle app to furrigners.

This is simply awesome. I've been on the Pre bandwagon as of late. But as a kindle fan, this is great for the iphone. don't need to own a Kindle to take advantage of being able to download the first few chapters of any kindle book for free. You just need this app. That alone is pretty big.

This is great news. I've been on the fence with Kindle - but being able to start a book on the Kindle at home, then continue it on your iPhone on the road, then go back to the Kindle; this is ground breaking.
The Kindle is now on my gadget 'wish list'! Nice job Amazon.

Amazon has never seemed to get its act together with licensing rights for global distribution.
It took Apple years with the iTunes store, even now, you can't get everything on the iTunes store outside the USA.

Book licensing is a very tricky tricky business. I know because I once worked in this business. Publishers feed very threatened and insecure in the new digital age and are very reluctant to share any publishing rights. Not to mention that in different countries different publishers may hold the rights and you have to come to agreement with both.
If you would like to see more pictures and analysis about Kindle for iPhone, please visit

Does anyone know how difficult it would be to use the iphone's accelerometer to create a function where you can tilt the iphone to scroll down the page? Due to the small size of the screen, I think it would get annoying to have to scross down every 20 seconds.

Not too into it. Simple design and not too sure if the formatting is set for a small screen. I downloaded a sample of a cheap book (maybe the reason for the formatting issue) and really didn't see much of improvement from the other reader apps in the store. Font change was nice. I may need to purchase a full price book and see what the format looks like. Right now I will stick with the eReader and other apps. It's great for people who own a Kindle and want the books on their iPhone too. C+ for now.

Thanks for digging this up! FYI - I got my first notification about this from's daily news alert, who credited AppScout for the news. I linked to AppScout, who credited EndGadget. EndGadget credited you, and here I am.
Thanks for actually doing the reporting, instead of just copying what everyone else is doing.

So far it looks like it only works for books. I have not been able to get it to work with newspapers or magazines.

It's not available outside the USA because euro scum does not deserve this app. Nothing but trash lives in europe.

I'm still trying to figure out how to purchase Kindle editions from mobile safari on my iPhone. Every book says "item not available".

Hope it gets a UK release, i've bought merchandise from with a UK credit card, shipped to the UK, so i dont see why this should hold up a digital download...unless there are other admin technicalities, like tax. Well i hope they sort something soon, using ereader, but really looking forward to kindle

My biggest concern about the Kindle, aside from it’s weird, book-buring-esque name, is that it compromises the integrity of the written word. A printed book may be unwieldy, but you know that once it’s on your shelf, not one letter is going to change. Can’t say the same for the Kindle:
Also, when I spill coffee all over a book, I’ve only ruined that particular book :)

Works like a charm on my iPod touch. I am outside the US, but downloaded it from the US site using my PayPal account which is linked to my foreign CC. Also the workaround that Morituri suggested worked perfectly and now I am able to buy Kindle books and have them directly sent to my iPod. A little work, but definitely worth the hassle. I love this app. Of course now I must have the Kindle. Lol, sneaky Amazon!

Autumn : I don't get it : how do you download the app if you're outside the US ?? The App Stores outside US don't have the app ?

Bats all you need do is create a US iTunes account using a US address. With this in place use it to login to the US iTunes store and download the app.

You be able to get everything for the damn phone in time, watch out for nasties though. Hackers will be operating!!

Статья очень понравилась! Этакий короткий микс полезных знаний. Хоть и “зажгли лампу среди бела дня”:)

The kidle app is available to anyone as long as have a jail broken iPhone search for the app From iPhone app crack site install and then you can dowload books from amazon.

Does anyone know if you have the iPod Touch with the Kindle app outside of the US if it works/ allows you to download the books and stuff? Thanks...

STILL not available at the UK store !
along with circumventing the default cedit card details ITUNES trys to weasel off you before you can use it,(although there is away around it) here is another example of less than joined up thinking between Amazon & ITUNES. Oh well better look for an alternative process, another case of deja Vu with the IPOD

I have now been able to purchase Kindle reader in the Uk but still unable to get the iphone kindle application!!!

Nice review, it's a good thing that apple offers the amazon kindle application.
By the way I have also found a nice review of the amazon kindle
I thought it was worth sharing

Interesting review. Not sure if you know, but 02 in the UK plan to allow out-of-contract users to unlock their phones for use with other networks, which is an interesting move -

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