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You can now pre-order a Kolibree, the first connected electric toothbrush

Kolibree, the world’s first connected electric toothbrush, is now live for pre-orders on Kickstarter. Funds raised from Kickstarter supporters will be used to manufacture and distribute Kolibree’s connected toothbrush, starting with a limited rollout in June and wide distribution worldwide starting in the U.S. and Europe in late Q3/early Q4 2014. We got a chance to see it in person Thursday night.

Kolibree’s toothbrush has a unique technology with sensors that analyzes your brushing habits. A mobile dashboard on iOS or Android lets you readily access the data from your smartphone.

You can learn about your brushing behavior from Kolibree’s data to improve your habits over time. Why is this important? Perhaps, you want to take better care of your teeth and make future dentist visits less painful and less expensive. Kolibree may also useful for parents who want to instill positive brushing habits for their kids as early as possible. The brushing data will also be available via an open API to let third-party game designers develop new apps to add to the fun.


The Kickstarter rewards are being offered at various funding levels. The first 500 funders will be offered a Kolibree toothbrush for only $99, with a price point of $129 for the next 1,000 supporters. The toothbrush at these price points will come in Feather White and include two brush heads. Supporters who wish to receive a Kolibree toothbrush in their choice of Feather White, Dove Gray, Berry Blue or Cerise Pink can do so for $149, which will also includes two brush heads. All orders will receive an induction charging station and the free mobile app, which supports both iPhone and Android smart phones.

Kolibree toothbrush

The Kickstarter campaign has kicked off on April 10th, 2014 and will run through May 23rd, 2014, with a fundraising target of $70,000.

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You can now pre-order a Kolibree, the first connected electric toothbrush


A solution in search of a problem...typical. Another piece of cr@p from Kickstarter. hahaha!

Just floss and brush your damn teeth and move on...