Landscape Email! TouchType App Now Available in App Store

Update: Wide Email developer Patrick Barry comments below that, according to Macrumors, FOUR landscape email front-ends popped up on the App Store last night, including his own.

We are finally getting closer and closer to the perfect iPhone no? If Apple will not give it to us, 3rd party developers are our only hope. (Whether it is via jailbreaking or Apple's official App Store.)

TouchType (iTunes Link) is a new app available now in the App Store for the low price of $.99 -- a small price to pay for those of you just craving some landscape email action. Now all that is left is some SMS landscape love.

Here's a brief overview of how it works: Open the application and you get a landscape mode keypad, get your email groove on, tap the send button and it automatically sends it to the email application. Type in the email addresses and you’re all set.

Is it ideal? That depends on you. It may be, may not be... but it is just one step closer to the perfection we all seek.

[Rene: And if you're asking how this slipped by the Apple rejection police when MailWrangler got given the boot... Our guess is Apple is fine with an App handing off text to MobileMail to send, just not doing the sending/receiving themselves...]

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Reader comments

Landscape Email! TouchType App Now Available in App Store


I would like to point out there are 3or4 other apps that do the same thing. Just search "Email Landscape" and you will get them all. (2 of them are close to last)

Just wondering why you chose to single out one of the FOUR iPhone apps released last night that all allow users to write emails in landscape mode. See this list:
Your most recent entry in iPhone Atlas makes it seem like there's only one app out there that does this.
It would be great if you'd update that entry to reflect the fact that iPhone / iPod touch users now have four choices if they want to write emails in landscape mode.
Full disclosure: I developed one of the other four apps, Wide Email.

@patrick, sorry but this is the only one I tried out. And us the only one I noticed when writing this. I'll be sure to check yours out as well sometime soon.

I also noticed the explosion of landscape mail writing apps but am waiting to see if universal landscape appears in an update. I did wonder how they got through if Apple is planning to allow landscape mode in mail - maybe it's not going to happen now.

I downloaded TouchType but I wasn't aware that there were alternatives in the app store as well. Too bad, I've already paid for this app and tested it and it works fine so I'm not going to download and pay for another app unless it is considerable better.
Jeremy, maybe you should gather all the mail apps and do a battle to see which one TiPb editors like the most...