Latest Facebook update buggy or crashy or not even downloading for you? You're not alone!

How's the latest Facebook app working - or not working - for you?

Facebook is one of the most popular iOS apps of all time, so when its crashy, buggy, not downloading, or otherwise causing grief to even a small percentage of the people using it, we hear about it. This time it's with version 6.7.1, released on November 8, which won't download and keeps spitting out iTunes errors if you try. It's a bug fix update, which hopefully would have fixed previous problems with crashes, but it's impossible to tell right now.

The good news is that Facebook gets pretty quick turn-around time from Apple reviewers, so if it isn't working for you now, hopefully it will be soon. If you are having problems with Facebook on your iPhone or iPad, however, let me know with which version - if you can tell or can check your App Store updates tab - about it in the comments.

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Latest Facebook update buggy or crashy or not even downloading for you? You're not alone!


The irony of it is there's a bug fix update in the AppStore that won't download due to what iTunes reports as a 'bug' with the artwork and it won't update...

Edit to note I was able to download the update as of 11:30AM EST.

Mine fails to update at all and the app is stuck in a useless state where I cannot launch it at all. The update I chose to install is 6.7.1. I simply get an error message saying "Unable to Download App".

This is the same version and error message I received as well with both the current and previous updates. I deleted the app altogether and re-downloaded and it's working fine.

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Go back to the iTunes update page and click the stop button (square inside a circle) it will switch back to the update button and you will be able to use Facebook again

Mine has not been buggy or crashing but i did notice that it shows that there is a update for Facebook 6.7.1 but when i click on it, i get the message that it cant download Retry for some reason.

If you didn't delete the app try this go to settings put it in airplane mode go to app. Store updates click the circle next to your Facebook it will go back to update DO NOT update go back to settings putti back on wifi and the old version of Facebook should be back on and working it worked for me on my ipad

Thank you. This is the only thing that has worked for me. I had previously uninstalled and reinstalled the FB app many times. Even reset my iphone 4s to factory default, restored from backup then reinstalled FB app, to no avail. The app still stayed at the spinning wheel opening blue screen. Out of desperation I did one more Google search and tried your suggestion. Once I turned the WiFi back on the app went to a different opening screnn asking me to continue. When I clicked it it opened OK. Hopefully it will do this every time now without issue.

Ipod Touch 4th Generation - Don't know what Facebook version.. the latest one for my device, I guess. The update won't install, I can keep retrying, but the icon is white and it keeps telling me that it can't be downloaded at this time.

The app store has been weird about the update screen on my device lately. So... well... I guess I'm screwed, but no big deal, I got an Iphone 5S coming in next week.

In the App Store if you have a loading symbol (circle) click it and hopefully it should cause the update to fail and you get an error message. The loading symbol should then change to an "update" button. Don't click it - just leave it alone. Click the home button to return to your home screen and you should be able to access the currently installed version of Facebook.

If your stuck, as I was, with the app saying, "Waiting...", just delete the app, then download back from your purchased list. That worked for me. It's not the new updated version, but it works.

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6.7 installed yesterday and would cause constant crashing. This was fixed server side so it seemed as it's working now. 6.7.1 is available in the App Store as an update but refuses to install. This is all on an iPad air.

Same issue on my iPhone 5s, started yesterday every time I tried to update my news feed, then when the update was release it kept stating it couldn't download at this time, and asked if I wanted to retry. I have now deleted it until they come out with an update that actually works.

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I received an update for FaceBook 6.7.1 but when I try to install it the "Unable to download app" message appears. This has been the case for several hours.

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My iPad won't download it at all. My iPhone FB app download was stuck all night long and when I deleted it and tried to reinstall, it won't let me reinstall either.

No issues with my Facebook apps. I see the update waiting in the App Store for me, I think I'll hold off until I hear the all clear that the update is good.

I have up to 6.7 installed on a wide range of devices: ipods (3G & 4), ipad(1,2 & mini), iphone 4, 4s & 5s and they work fine. But the 6.7.1 update won't download on any device, the windows 8.1 pc, or the macbook pro (2012). I'm sure it's a bigger deal to Facebook than me so it'll get fixed ASAP. Though the conspiracy theorists might point out that I just gave Facebook a ton more traffic than I normally would just checking on it.

I tried to update on two iPhones, 4S and 5S, version 6.7.1 and both crash. It won't download, grays out the app, and renders it in operable. I have deleted it and tried downloading again to no avail! Ugh.

Same here. I even deleted the app, shutdown my iPad, waited a few minutes, restarted the iPad, then tried to download....Same error. I've never been a fan of their app and half the time use my browsers but, for quick a dirty checks? It's handy. Yah, a little annoyed. (Oh yah and I've been fighting with this since last night around 10pm MST)

When I say it doesn't format correctly, I mean it doesn't follow the same format as other sites in Tweetbot. Usually it will strip most everything out in the Readability style format with whatever setting you have such as larger font size and a dark theme for example. Android Central is doing the same thing. It's been broken for a couple of weeks. Didn't do it before.

The new update failed to download on my iPhone 5s, iPad mini and Macbook pro. When trying to download through iTunes the error stated that iTunes was unable to download the artwork for it. Which was a different error than on iOS devices

As soon as I updated yesterday FB would crash as soon as it opened. I had to trash the app and restore from iCloud. The older version works fine.

Both my iPhone5 and iPad won't update. Stuck in the won't update mode. How long does it take Facebook to fix the issue usually??

How right you are!! After repeatedly trying to update 6.7.1 on my iPhone 5s without success, as I was typing out my comment on here, it all of a sudden updated. Yep, Apple listens and gets things done asap. NOW, if we could get them on the ACA website, ha ha ha!!

I could download it fine, I just had constant crashes upon opening the app. Luckily when I deleted the app and went back to download, it downloaded the older version so I could get back to a working app. Now I just have to turn automatic app updates off and try not to let OCD get the best of me seeing badge above the app store letting me know there's an update available.

Had to delete it, reinstall. It will install, before the update, but will show you have an update. If you update, like before, all you get is retry error, and FB icon is gray. Cannot even open. In fact you have to touch another app just to get in delete mode, then you can delete, and reinstall. Just do not update after the install until there is a fix.

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Trying to install 6.7.1 but has greyed out and locked up my FB app. Have tried everything but uninstalling and nothing has worked. Will try uninstalling. Grrrr!

I wasn't able to update Facebook to version 6.7.1 last night, either. At first I thought it was a problem with AT&T again because the night before they had a nationwide issue with Internet access that was either really slow or nonexistent. Tried again this morning and it worked even though the FB app icon was missing from the update page. Glad it's working now. Don't know what I would've done without my daily FB fix ;)

Update 6.7.1 did not update well on my iphone 5 on io6. I uninstalled facebook. But facebook icon is greyed out on app store. Facebook is also not on my purchased list. Then, I remembered that facebook is already built in, so I opened settings>facebook and found the install button. Voila! Version 6.7.1 installed without a hitch!

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I had trouble downloading the 6.7.1 update at about 8-9am GMT. I changed the case on my iPhone 4S from a Silicone, Aluminium & Gorilla Glass Shock proof, Dust proof & Water proof case to my previous Gel & Leather Wallet Case & it updated perfectly fine about 10 mins ago, it seems like the errors could be caused by poor Signal quality caused by life proof cases or even just a poor Wifi or 3G/Lte signal for whatever reason, or it could have just been coincidence that facebook fixed the error and I happened to change my case.


iOS 7, iPhone 5s, current FB v6.7 (56605). I can run the app as long as I don't try to download 6.7.1. If I try from the App Store, it gives "unable to be downloaded" error and I have to un/reinstall 6.7 in order to use the mobile app.

Wow! Tried to perform the update, and it deleted the Icon. Went to settings, no options to select. Can't even delete account!

I dumped the Facebook app a few months ago and just use the Safari browser. It's the same interface, and my battery lasts a lot longer now (and I did not have FB updating automatically or giving notifications - it's just a battery hog).

Still showing update from Nov 8 in store. That was the bad update. You think it would be fixed now.

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I updated to the new facebook on my ipod.. It works no problem but now half my facebook games I play on my Ipod won't work.. I get can not connect, unable to login or could not verify user.... =( PLEASE HELP lol

My app says it has updated in the App Store, but the actual app is faded looking like when it's updating and it just says waiting underneath. I can't open it, delete it, or figure out how to make it stop 'waiting'

I have updated version 6.7.2 m update on 13 nov 2013 , problem is it's not stating every time I tap on app it opens stops for a second and then closes , it's been 5 to 6 days kindly agrees this issue soon thanx

The Facebook iPad app update of December 8th 2013 has been a nightmare! It pulls profile info from an FB profile I no longer have, and will not allow me to input the new profile. The FB help group has a huge line of people with similar issues, and thus far there's still no fix. I just tried downloading it again tonight, and same result. I'm running it on a brand new top drawer iPad Air, so there should be no problem with processor issues, etc. Unfortunately, FB now controls logins for so much internet real estate that it has become impossible to work around. Suggestions?

I have version 6.9.1 and we never I go into my new feed or any tab it has the gray circle spinning and it never loads up. And when it does load up it shows network error tap to retry and when I tap it it doesn't work. Please Help!!

Tried to perform the update, and it deleted the Icon. Went to settings, no options to select. Can't even delete account! My app says it has updated in the App Store, has the OPEN icon but does not open when you tap on it. I went to see if I could do anything when I connect my iPad to iTunes on my laptop and now iTunes has bugged and wouldn't upgrade? It was for the new version 7.0? I've had to delete itunes but now I can't re-download it as an error occurs during download!! A aargh!

I just uploaded to iOS 7.1 yesterday and this afternoon fb just started doing this it'll open and not even two seconds later it close right back up how do I fix this

I couldn't log into my Facebook account on my iPad 2, so I tried to upgrade it, and now it won't upgrade, and I tried to shut it down and restart it again, and I tried deleting the app and down load again, but it says "waiting" for a really long time. And I have nothing else downloading on my iPad but the Facebook app

I did my up grade and now Facebook won't open tryed deleting app and now I only get my friends list with nothing else keeps telling me network error

7.1 . It's been saying loading/waiting all day it's been doing it now for about 7 hours. And when I cancel it j still can't get in the app it opens and just closes straight away..
Any reason why.?! Or how I can stop this.?!

iPad 2 running latest IOS 7. FIrst the Facebook update would not download. Now it says it has updated to version 9.0 in the App Store, but the Facebook app does not open.