Launch Center Pro 2.1 adds Fleksy, list actions, and more!

Launch Center Pro 2.1 adds Fleksy, list actions, and more!

Launch Center Pro updated to version 2.1, with support for the new Fleksy keyboard, lists, and more. Fleksy is enabled on a per-action basis, and you can add [prompt-flesky]or choose "Flesky Keyboard" from the prompt list when creating an action.

You can create list actions in version 2.1. List actions let you perform an action with options, for instance, choosing to search common events in Fantastical, or choosing between two people who you often call. To make a list, enter [list:]. After the ':', place your list title if you want one, followed by a pipe, '|'. Following each pipe, enter a list item, then add another pipe, except for you last item, which is just followed by the closing bracket.

There are a few other updates as well. There are now photo attachment options. You can launch an iOS share sheet. Launch Center Pro 2.1 also supports the updated TextExpander SDK. There are also a number of other improvements and fixes.

You can grab this update from the App Store now.

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asuperstarr says:

Great addition to this app! I'm going to update now. Thanks for the update! This is a must have app if you don't own.

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zdn1042 says:

Not familiar with this app. Making shortcuts for apps and actions your frequently use does sound nice.