LeAnn Rimes shoots new music video entirely on the iPhone

What you see here is the latest music video from LeAnn Rimes featuring Rob Thomas and Jeff Beck, and what makes it more remarkable is that the entire thing was shot using the iPhone. The process behind it all was explained by one of the producers in an article on The Loop:

“Using the iPhone camera for the stop motion video made it easy, affordable and portable for us—because of time factors,” said Darrell Brown, the Co-Producer of the record and video. “I had to get Ian to Dublin to film LeAnn while she was there. I had to get Ian to New York State to film Rob. It was so easy to lug around three iPhones instead of other heavy gear. iPhone to film, IPhone for playback of song and iPhone to document the fun.”

No-one said which iPhone was used, but the combination of video and the over 8000 photos used to create the stop motion elements were all shot on one of them, quite possibly the iPhone 5s.

Rimes herself was delighted with the way the project turned out, but what do you think? Sound off in the comments below!

Source: The Loop

Richard Devine

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zebulun12 says:

Nice quality video created on an iPhone. Cool song too!

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asuperstarr says:

Gasoline and matches! Nice video and inspires me to want to go record a video on my iPhone.

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Becjr says:

As an expressive piece, I think it's nice. It certainly gives inspiration to up and coming videographers and low budge film makers. I'd say Apple might even smile about this kind of exposure ( no pun intended).
The music doesn't groove me, but hey, that's their thing so I give 'em a thumbs up. Good job guys.

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zdn1042 says:

Cool video + catchy tune. I like it! I wonder what were the apps they used to shoot this.

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G.4 says:

This is actually pretty damn good! Nice concept and you would have never known it was done with a phone. Thanks for sharing

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lkrupp says:

The only videos I’ve seen produced on Android phones are made by basement nerds sarcastically trashing Apple and iOS on YouTube. Why is that?

Great video by the way, this and that portrait of Morgan Freeman done on an iPad. Seems like most creative types are iSheep, huh?

andrew.bennekamper says:

An incredibly creative way to use iPhone technology.

OMMBoy says:

Great video and song! I, too, would like to know which apps were used to make this video. I'm especially curious how they made the video within the photographs.

News_Dr2521 says:

I must say that was very impressive. It goes to show just how much can be done with an iPhone.

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Fit24 says:

Nice video! :-)

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