Leap Motion gesture control coming to tablets in late 2014

Leap Motion gesture control coming to tablets in late 2014

We can look forward to seeing Leap Motion-powered gesture control on tablets starting in late 2014. Right now, Leap makes a sensor that lets you use hand gestures to control your PC or Mac without touching anything. However, CEO Michael Buckwald says that tablets shipping with Leap Motion gesture controls should arrive later next year, according to Pocket-lint:

Talking in London on Tuesday, Michael Buckwald, CEO and co-founder of Leap Motion, said devices could be appearing in Q3 or Q4 of 2014, bringing with them the ability to control various apps without having to touch the display.

No hardware partners have been announced yet, so we don't know at this time who will be making tablets with Leap Motion in them. It also appears that smartphones will also start coming with Leap Motion built in, though they won't be the first phones to utilize gesture controls. The Samsung Galaxy S4 shipped earlier this year with some basic controls, like moving your hand from side to side to page through browser tabs. It's highly unlikely, however, that we'll see an Apple product with gesture control for a while. Apple would want to find a real, practical application for the technology. Still, it might be interesting to see what Apple would do with 3D gestures in the iPad, iPhone, or both.

Would you want to see an iPad or iPhone with integrated gesture controls?

Source: Pocket-lint

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Leap Motion gesture control coming to tablets in late 2014


I have my iPhone on a ProClip dashboard mount in my car--it sits just to the right of the steering wheel for easy access (although I usually just use my Plantronics Legend earphone to control it). I could see gesture controls being useful with such a setup.

As I read this, I couldn't help but pay attention to how often my free hand would pass in front my iPhone while scratched a spot on my head/face or readjusted my shirt... I guess I move too much. I could see me struggling with gesture controls being accidentally activated often. It would take me some time to adjust, but I love the idea if gesture controls for interacting/controlling something with a smaller screen - like a watch! I just don't want to see gesture controls chained to the realm of gaming. It will be interesting to see what develops for sure.

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Great news! I was thinking it would at least take 2-3 years before Apple incorporates it into their products. I guess it's also kind of a race between manufacturers who can first deliver this technology into more practical applications.

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I cannot wait to play with this! It just keeps getting better and better! I wanna see how this develops into the new way we interact with devices and eventually all the objects around us!

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