Learn programming basics with Coders for iPad

Michal Bencur, has released his computer programming iPad app, Coders. If you've ever wondered what all that code does in the background of all your gadgets, you may want to check it out. It's an extremely simple coding app with an easy to understand interface. There are a few sample programs built in for you to poke around and you can also create your own. Coders is based on the Lua programming language, which is a pretty easy language to learn.

  • Tutorial on how to get started
  • Lua programming language
  • You can write code that draws on screen: points, lines, change colors...
  • work with text, take input from user, write things out

This app isn't meant for hardcore developers, nor should you expect to learn how to code iPhone and iPad apps. This app is mainly geared towards beginners that want to learn to understand the very basics of programming. Developers still may enjoy it even if it's just to jot down quick notes while they're on the go. And if all else fails, I had a lot of fun just creating little programs purely for entertainment.

Coders is currently priced at $4.99 in the App Store. Screenshots after the break.

[iTunes Link]

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Learn programming basics with Coders for iPad