Shadowrun Returns ships for Mac and Windows: The legendary RPG makes its triumphant comeback!

Harebrained Schemes on Thursday released Shadowrun Returns, a brand new tactical role playing game based on the enormously popular tabletop RPG that later became a popular computer and console game. Shadowrun Returns has been released for OS X and Windows, with iOS and Android versions still in the wings. (Don't worry, Linux neckbeards - you haven't been forgotten about.)

Shadowrun, originally published as a desktop pen-and-paper RPG by FASA Corp., is set in the near-future world of 2050. Things have changed - people getting cybernetic implants to give themselves new abilities and megacorporations rule the land. What's more, the entire world has transformed as magic has suddenly reemerged after a long dormancy. Large numbers of ordinary people have been transformed into trolls, orks, elves and other magical creatures - and the ability to wield this magic is crucial.

You are a shadowrunner, a mercenary with specialized abilities suited to this strange new world. And in Shadowrun Returns, you set out to find a mysterious killer as you enlist the help of other shadowrunners and master new technology and magic to help save the day.

The game includes an editor (Mac and Windows-compatible) that lets you create and share your own campaign - so count on lots more Shadowrun Returns content appearing in the weeks and months ahead.

Harebrained Schemes raised the initial capital to develop Shadowrun Returns through Kickstarter.

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Shadowrun Returns ships for Mac and Windows: The legendary RPG makes its triumphant comeback!

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YES! I used to LOVE Shadowrun, both the RPG and SNES game, as a kid!!! I will 100% be installing this on my Macbook Air tonight!