World's toughest programmer explains how to make educational games fun

Mike Lee's New Lemurs has released Lemurs Chemistry: Water - a fun educational game that teaches kids (and adults) the chemistry of water. As the name of the game (and company) implies, lemurs abound in the game. Lee shares with us some of his thoughts on how you can make an educational game enriching and fun to play.

Peter Cohen

Managing Editor of iMore, Mac and gaming specialist and all-around technologist. Follow him on Twitter @flargh

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stephen007 says:

Is this an iOS game or Mac or what? Clicking the link on my iPhone leads to a blank page in iTunes (on my phone) with the subject New Lemurs. There's nothing else there.

vesperdem says:

Is it me or is the volume of the interview way lower than the intro music. After turning down the volume due to being deafened by the intro music, I could barely hear the actual interview.

It's really not all that difficult to get both to be a reasonable level.