Leo's Fortune is reduced in price and you should absolutely play it

Leo's Fortune

To celebrate being an Apple Design Awards winner at WWDC 2014, the quite superb Leo's Fortune is reduced in price for a limited time. If you've not yet picked it up there is absolutely no better time to do so. And you should.

While it doesn't break new boundaries in terms of gameplay, it's an extremely fun to play mobile game. Familiar, easy to pick up mechanics are paired with quite stunning visuals to make it a delight to play. There are no in-app purchases to scrape your wallet for progression and you can even move between iPhone and iPad with cloud game saves. It's a fantastic example of everything that can make for a great iOS gaming experience. Made even better if you hook up a game controller.

It usually runs for $4.99 but while it's on sale you can get it for just $2.99. Grab it while it's hot! If you're already a fan, drop us a line in the comments below!

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Leo's Fortune is reduced in price and you should absolutely play it


OK, I'm back. Yes, I like it. I think Badland, (which is very similar and I suspect came first), is superior but Leo looks excellent too and is a bit less dark/'deathy'.
The character could be a bit more animated as sometimes it just looks like a pair of eyes sliding along but it's got me hooked already.

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