LG, Verizon/Google, Palm preparing iPad competitors

We've been asking where the iPad competition has been for a while now, and it seems like it's slowly starting to pick up with LG, Palm, and Google/Verizon hitting the news this week.

We'll take a look at a few of them, after the break.

hp-slate-webosPalm, recently acquired by HP, is full steam ahead on a webOS tablet, which may just be the best OS from a UI standpoint to compete with iOS:

In their earnings call today, HP responded to a question about whether or not tablets (read: iPad) were hurting netbook sales. In reponse, HP publicly confirmed that a webOS Tablet is coming in the timeline we were expecting, saying they will release "a webOS-based product in Early 2011." [PreCentral.net]

chromeos-tabletVerizon, who's had great success with the Android-powered Droid smartphone brand looks to be turning towards Google's other OS, Chrome, for their tablet (DroidPad?):

Yes, our source tells us that Google is building a Chrome OS tablet. It's real, and it's being built by HTC. No surprise there, since HTC churned out the Nexus One for Google.

Yes, they plan to offer it in conjunction with Verizon -- which probably doesn't come as a shock to anybody at this point. The two recently tag-teamed that Net Neutrality proposal and they've had plenty of discussions in the past about cooperating in some capacity. [Download Squad]

LG, who makes the terrific LED IPS panels for the current iPhone 4 and iPad, says they're going to focus on content creation as a way to compete, and that their tablet will "be better than the iPad":

The tablet will include content focused on creation such as writing documents, editing video and creating programs. It will also have "high-end features and new benefits," many of which will focus on productivity, Mr. Ma said.

"It's going to be surprisingly productive," he said. [WSJ]

Think any of these will put a dent in iPad sales this holiday season?

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Reader comments

LG, Verizon/Google, Palm preparing iPad competitors


As soon as Apple releases its products (i.e., iPhone and iPad) on Verizon's network, and Verizon see those Apple sales take off, it will kill that Verizon/Google tag-team alliance pretty quickly.
The key is how long will Apple take? The main reason for Android sales on Verizon is purely the lack of an iPhone as competitor on Verizon. It will be the same case for the iPad Competitor. Google knows this, thus is trying to form the bond while they can with Verizon. Just look at AT&T. Android is on AT&T, yet their sales are dwarfed by iPhone. Android is simply selling like crazy on Verizon only because iPhone is not there. As soon as it hits Verizon, step back and enjoy the breeze as iphones fly out of their stores.
Just an opinion.

Here's another (damn sexy) tablet concept that Asus will be producing. If it looks anything like this in reality, I could see it doing very well against the iPad/webOS/ChromeOS tablets. That said...it's sorta pathetic how long it's taking for any legitimate competitor to the iPad to be introduced (let alone actually put to market).

Yep - Asus, RIM, Motorola, Samsung...etc. Just about every electronics maker is getting in the tablet/pad game. In fact, where is HTC? They are the manufacturer that spearheaded the Android train. I would imagine their tablet/pad (HTC/Android) would be iPad's biggest competitor!

I don't think any of these tablets will put a dent in iPad sales this holiday season for the simple reason that it doesn't seem like any will actually make it out to the market in time. It seems that the companies making Android tablets are waiting for Gingerbread, which isn't due until early next year, Windows tablets are still nowhere to be found (though Ballmer did say they would be out this year sometime), and PalmPad and BlackPad are way off.
At the current rate, they will all be out when Apple introduces iPad 2.

HP/Palm will be great for the web OS folks. I do not see it a threat to iPad. Google/Verizon looks like a search the Internet device, and not much more. No real competition to IPad. LG on the other hand may be a sleeping giant about to wake up. LG may be the device iPad needs to look at closely to compete against.

Verizon's CEO will be making a keynote speech at next year's CES. I thought he might announce the iPad on Verizon, but that's unlikely given Verizon and Google's shenanigans. And anyway, I'm sure all major iPad / iPhone / Mac announcements will all be done by Steve or other Apple top brass.
I think it's funny that all the iPad wannabes are more or less forced to show their products at CES. Apple can announce new iDevices before CES to steal the wannabes' thunder. Or Apple can announce new iDevices after CES to force the wannabes to make their huge mistakes, in public, before they can hurry back to the drawing board to copy Apple. Either way Apple generates huge CES headlines, and they won't even have a booth there!

Even if Verizon does end up with Apple products they are doing the right thing by looking to offer competing products...unlike AT&T relying on the iPhone and being willing to do nearly anything to keep Apple happy. Verizon will not need to grab their socks with Apple

You asked: "Think any of these will put a dent in iPad sales this holiday season?"
HP's webOS based tablet will not arrive in time for this holiday season, so that one definitely will not steal iPad sales. Even so, I'm not sure any of them will, really. I have an Android based phone, and just recently purchased an iPad for the family, so I have a good feeling for both OS's. As much as I love my phone, I just don't think Android (at least in it's current state) will be stealing much (any?) iPad sales. ChromeOS...who knows? We still don't know what it's like, do we? That leaves webOS. For me, webOS is just down right sexy. Looks nice, acts nice, intuitive, etc. When HP's tablet comes out I'm getting one, no question. Now, can it put a dent in iPad sales? Personally I don't think so. In the general public's eye there's just something "magical" about Apple devices. Can webOS and iPad tablets co-exist...you betcha. Just as iOS and Android phones do.
That's my opinion....like I said, I own an iPad, but cannot wait for a webOS tablet.

I just think it is funny how so many people laughed at the name iPad when it first was announced but now everything from these competitors is some variation of the "pad" name. And that reminds me, you forget the "BlackPad" as another competitor.

"BlackPad" yes. But I don't think HP, LG, or Google/HTC/Verizon have given names to any of their devices yet, have they? The "DroidPad" name thrown out in this article is a name made up by the author. The Google/HTC/Verizon tablet won't run Android, so my guess is that it won't carry the "Droid" moniker, although who knows. I'm not saying that none of these devices won't be called a *Pad, but as of yet they are not to my knowledge.

@Rodney Yeah I don't think that is very much the case. Verizon is doing well with Android, but so is Sprint and T-Mobile. Also.in other countries phones like the Legend, Desire, and Milestone are selling very well on carriers that also sell the iPhone.

I don't think those numbers have so much to do with Google verse Apple as they have to do with AT&T being a worse network. Why have a smartphone on the AT&T network that you can have on a better network instead? I think a large chunk of initial Verizon iPhone sales when they do finally release it on their network is more likely to come from AT&T customers switching networks rather than other smartphone users switching devices.

regarding the first post.. The comparison leaves out a HUGE factor in phone selection. With the exception of the recent captivate, they offer some of the worst phones and were late to the game.

I don't think they will impact apple ales much. They will sell, but not like apple. I would love to see them match the battery life of the iPad. In all, it is really sad to see how long it is taking them to catch up to apple.

It's simple. These companies all had tablets in the works for a $999 price point. Apple came out with the iPad at $499 and blew their doors in. You can't just cut the final price of your product in half when you're 75% of the way through designing it. You literally have to start over again if you want to compete at $500.
That's why it is taking so long.

@Alex, you're so wrong. Apple have NEVER been particularly competitive on price. Touch, probably, screen maybe, OS perhaps, but never price.

For some reason my browser doesn?t display this web page correctly? Anyway, it was a truly intriguing report, retain up the fantastic work and that i will be back for additional

Don't count on an iPad or iPhone on Verizon until Apple lowers the price. AT&T is willing to pay Apple a hefty price per unit (I read $700 and Verizon pays around $400 for a Motorola Droid.) I have many friends who say they will drop AT&T as soon as Verizon gets an iPad like devise. I left AT&T for the Motorola Droid.