Lifeproof takes iPhone cases to the extreme

Lifeproof cases can protect your iPhone from impact and even water exposure, but what good is that if you can't have a little fun? Enter Lifeproof's new GoPro adapter and Bike and Bar mounts that let you do everything from mounting your Lifeproof'ed iPhone on your head, to your bike, to your waist so you can take it with off-road and off-ramp.

It's an interesting move from Lifeproof but it shows that once you're not as worried about dropping your iPhone or getting it splashed or muddy, a whole new world of outdoor activity and extreme sports opens up to you.

Lifeproof and their range of accessories are available now.

Source: Lifeproof

Lifeproof takes iPhone cases to the extreme

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Reader comments

Lifeproof takes iPhone cases to the extreme


I just happen to be showering with my iPhone 4S in its Lifeproof case right now! Don't think I'll be getting these though. I don't do a lot of biking or skydiving.

Ok let me use my 600$ (to replace) iPhone for a VGA helmet cam! This is one of the dumbest ideas I've seen yet

I have been using my lifeproof case for 2 months now and I have to say I love it. I do a lot of cycling and love the bicycle mount. I also now use my iphone as a GPS on my motorcycle with the same mount. I just got the gopro mount and use that one in my car with the GoPro suction cup. Most recently I enjoyed using it at the pool bar in Aruba where I could take pictures and use my phone while in the pool without worry. For me this is the perfect case.

This case is a failure. Why? I have the Otterbox Defender for my 4S and, yes, it's bulky and not waterproof; however, the screen works flawlessly. I bought the Lifeproof case after reading about it here. I put it on and was astonished how poorly the screen worked! Yes, it's thinner than the Otterbox and looks great. But no way am I going to compromise on the functionality of the screen. There's a gap between the device's screen and the case's protective screen cover. Hello?! Once they fix this, it's goodbye Otterbox, hello Lifeproof. Anyone know if they plan on fixing this fatal flaw?

I agree that this case costs a bit to much. I understand that it has all these functions, but if the price doesn't go down soon, no one will want to buy it. I agree with Sandra, it would be cool if they had an orange lifeproof.

I have to agree with the last poster. My touchscreen became less responsive and rear camera shots of dark environments appeared more grainy. Those two issues, plus the high cost and the ease of snapping the bottom latch open and expose the connector to the elements was enough to return the case back to Best Buy.

My dad got this case and he loved it. I used it on my iPhone 4 for a while and it turned out great. I just don't like that the screen fogs up sometimes. Fiz that problem and i'll definatly buy my own Lifeproof. I honestly don't really like the color options...i would like an orange lifeproof. Now that would be the best case ever!

The guy in the shower should have put his hand on his head and closed his mouth, the lady in the my life video should have a softer voice. The case is awesome, I have a $10 mall kiosk case on my phone, I never drop it but now I'm scared.

The White Lifeproof case seems to be constructed with a better fitting screen. I know this seems crazy as all the color options are supposed to be exactly the same as far as construction goes, but I had the version 2 black Lifeproof case originally and had a bad screen gap, I returned it and got another black one and it was the same issue, poor screen touch response with an aggravating ticking sound when typing. I returned the second one and opted to go for the white one because a friend of mine had the white one and had none of these issues. What do you know the white one turned out to be perfect,it lays flat on the iPhone screen and had a perfect touchscreen response. It may be a coincidence but it is what it is, I still have the iPhone 4S lifeproofed in a white Lifeproof case.

Surely there are some situations where you don't wand to risk your Phone.
"So, right - here is the 8 meter great white taking my leg off . . . and here is my girlfriend filming it on my iPhone 4s, while I got a great shot of her with mine. Steady as a rock mate!" "Fantastic shot there Angela."

I agree,about the screen,Its not BAD but not what i'm used to.I can get used to it,but Im thinking of exchanging for a different color.White,or Pink..I bought black cause i'm tired of a white great and all and it was weird,today,it was fate.I had my phone outside,we were eating w friends,and my daughter spilled a soda all over my phone.Now had it been UNlifeproofed(i had a regular pink bumper) would've been ruined.So,I got my money back,Today.LoL