Lily Allen and John Lewis team up to launch the British Christmas, grab the song in iTunes now!

This past weekend saw the debut of the official start of the Christmas season here in the UK; the John Lewis ad. Normally we like to ignore TV advertisements, but the John Lewis ad – and maybe the annual one from Coca Cola – is an exception. This years features The Bear and The Hare, and a pretty amazing backing track by Lily Allen. The good news; the song is available to buy from iTunes right now.

A cover of Keane's first UK single, Somewhere Only We Know, it marks the musical return of Lily Allen ahead of her proposed new album in 2014. If you haven't heard it yet, or seen the ad itself, you'll find it at the bottom of this post. The song will cost you just £0.99, and it also seems to be available in the U.S. – and likely others as well – iTunes store for $1.29. You might not get the whole John Lewis thing, but the song is pretty special wherever you are.

It doesn't stop with music and a TV spot, either. The tale of The Bear and The Hare will be coming to your iPad soon in the form of an interactive eBook. Narrated by Lauren Laverne, The Bear who had never seen Christmas will be available soon, and promises games and touch interactive features. Absolutely perfect for the kids – and big kids – this holiday season. More information can be found at the source link below.

Ignoring the little detail that it is in fact only mid-November, what do you think to the ad, and more the song? Getting you in a festive mood?

Source: John Lewis

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Reader comments

Lily Allen and John Lewis team up to launch the British Christmas, grab the song in iTunes now!


Richard - excuse the ignorance, but is this similar to how the backdrop of Love, Actually was the 5 week countdown to Christmas? Like a national tradition that involves a sort of Christmas Song of the year?

Kind of. The John Lewis ads are something of a Christmas institution. The retailer puts a ridiculous amount of time and money into making something special, and it usually includes a cover of a well known song that becomes extremely popular!

Just watched back to 2007. Pretty good stuff. I like the kid anxiously waiting for Christmas morning.

"The song is pretty special wherever you are". But itunes is not selling it wherever you are. At least not to me in Australia. Why do they do that??

Who knows :( Like I said in the post, it's available in the U.S. as well as the UK, so it's not totally exclusive. But I feel your pain