LinkedIn revamps iPad app and Pulse, debuts new Intro service

LinkedIn revamps iPad app and Pulse, debuts new Intro service

At an event in San Francisco the popular professional networking service LinkedIn introduced a revamped iPad app along with Intro, a new service that hooks into Apple's Mail app to give you LinkedIn intel on your contacts. It works with most popular mail services, according to Engadget.

With an Intro profile installed on your iPhone and some reconfiguring of your Mail inbox, a new button appears underneath the header of inbound messages, linking the sender to their LinkedIn profile (if applicable). Expanded the profile shows you the contact's connections, experience and other information.

The new iPad version has a more iOS 7-inspired design and special features specific to the iPad release, like a gesture system that lets you add new members, like content, comment and share directly from the feed. The free app is available for download now.

LinkedIn is also readying a new release of Pulse, the news reader app that they acquired earlier this year. The new version of Pulse also sports an iOS 7-inspired design, a commenting system that works through LinkedIn and other new features. Its release is still pending.

Source: Engadget

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LinkedIn revamps iPad app and Pulse, debuts new Intro service

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LinkedIn owns Pulse? How did I miss that? I was an early adopter of Pulse (I even paid for it way back when), but it's gotten a little stale lately. I hope the re-design breathes some new life into it.

But as far as allowing LinkedIn (or any social site for that matter) to tap into my mail and contacts? Never.