LinkedIn's Job Search for iPhone aims to find you a job from your iPhone

LinkedIn's Job Search for iPhone aims to find you a job from your iPhone

LinkedIn has grown from a business networking social network to something of a jobs board, and that's something that the new LinkedIn Job Search for iPhone app is seeking to leverage. The free app is meant to make things a bit easier for active job seekers, providing an end-to-end experience that lets you search for your next job easily while on the go.

"The new LinkedIn Job Search app for iPhone provides a one-stop shop for your job seeking needs. Whether you are actively on the hunt for a new gig or just keeping an eye out, the new app comes packed with the core LinkedIn features you've come to rely on to help manage your job search."

Just don't let your current boss see that this is on your phone, we suppose (shuffle it into a folder if you really want to be cautious). LinkedIn Job Search includes filtering by position, location, industry, company, and even seniority level, plus you'll get recommended openings based on yoru searches, jobs you've viewed, and your LinkedIn profile.

For the job seekers out there, does LinkedIn Job Search seem like the sort of thing that will help you find your next job?

Derek Kessler

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MaxPayne79 says:

Not available in Canada. But does work if you install it via US iTunes account.

FrankRow says:

Guessing this is an iPhone only app? Would be awesome if it was for iPad as well.