Linquet smart tracking device for iPhone gets reviewed

Linquet smart tracking device for iPhone gets reviewed

Linquet is a smart device with a simple premise — buy it, download the Linquet app, connect it to your iPhone via Bluetooth, and then use it track and keep track of anything it's attached or linked to it. That can include your keys, your bag, even your iPhone or iPad. How does it work and, more importantly, how well does it work? That's what our own Nick Arnott aimed to find out in his full Linquet review for our brand-new site, Connectedly:

Linquet markets themselves as "the first cloud-based anti-loss solution". Linquet offers small Bluetooth dongles that connect with your iPhone, Android phone, Windows Phone, or other smartphone. Using their free app you can connect, configure, and locate your Linquets. Once connected, if a Linquet gets too far away from your phone, the Bluetooth connection will be lost, setting off an alarm on your Linquet and your phone. Of course there are some additional settings, but that's the basis premise. It seems like a pretty ideal solution in theory, but what about in practice?

I don't want to spoil it for you, but things didn't exactly turn out as well as Nick hoped. So head on over and read all the details!

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Linquet smart tracking device for iPhone gets reviewed


It's brick ... not a device that helps.
More smaller size options are available already.

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His review was great. The fact that they add your username, and password to a plist file, is just plain dumb. This is one of those devices that look good on paper, but just too many bugs, or problems.