Live from the Amazon Kindle event in Santa Monica!

Live from the Amazon Kindle event in Santa Monica!

No, it's not the new iPad mini everyone here at iMore is waiting for, but it is the next big thing from Amazon! There's tons of Amazon content available for iOS already, and while Amazon probably won't announce anything specific for iOS users today, we still want to know what Apple will be up against this holiday season. So.... We're live on location in Santa Monica for the Amazon Press Conference. Fully expected to be announced is the successor to the Android-based Kindle Fire, as well as an update to their more traditional Kindle e-reader. Heading into the event there is also buzz that Amazon may even show off an Amazon phone based on the Kindle Fire's software. Will it happen? We'll know soon enough.

The event gets going at 10:30 a.m. PDT, 1:30 p.m. EDT, and 6:30 p.m. BST. (To say nothing of all the other times you folks enjoy throughout the world.)

Also joining in on location from the Mobile Nations team is Ashley Esqueda and Steph Koenig. To tune into the action as it unfolds, jump on over to

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Kevin Michaluk

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Live from the Amazon Kindle event in Santa Monica!


"Kindle Fire is a service, not a gadget" - Jeff Bezos -- Does this mean Android is a data mining/collection & advertising delivery medium for Google? :)

Kindle Fire HD - I predict $299. Extension of the "Service" - This will hurt iPad.

EDIT: MULTIPLE PROFILES!!! iOS needs this added now. Also, I hope 8GB is dead in terms of iPhone 5, too...

Wow. Amazon just killed any non-iPad tablet, and will force Apple to re-assess their iPad pricing. See? Competition is good!

Agreed. I can see them adding in an adjustment to their pricing for the 4G models. $100 up charge over WiFi for the LTE one. The iPad mini is not an option now, it is an imperative. Timing of the rumored October iPad event lines up with the shipping for the new Kindle Fire, so if Apple is able to say "Ships? Today" that will help. The Tablet market is officially a game now. Google and Microsoft might be the ones trying to secure third place. The various OEMs selling Android tablets are the most hurt here, and Apple will lose sales.