Ashton Kutcher - the star of jOBS - is at CTIA and here's the liveblog!

Ashton Kutcher

It's debatable whether we'll ever see the release of the jOBS movie outside its initial screenings, but the show, as they say, must go on. And to that effect, actor Ashton Kutcher -- who played the late Steve Jobs in the movie -- is here at the CTIA conference in Las Vegas. He's also a tech investor and has founded a company for original digital media.

We'll be liveblogging the conversation this morning, starting at 9:30 a.m. PDT -- that's 12:30 p.m. on the East Cost. Join us!

Phil Nickinson

Phil is a recovering print journalist, editor of Android Central, subtitles and street signs

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kch50428 says:

Hope it's better for you than the J-Lo Verizon thing yesterday... :)

metllicamilitia says:

Honestly, I didn't know Ashton Kutcher had such a good grasp of tech. I think he's right on the mark for many of the things mentioned.