Logitech launches Case+ modular iPhone cases


Logitech is well-known for producing high quality, yet functional accessories and now the company is looking to get involved once again with iPhone cases. However, there's a difference between what's already available out there and Logitech's Case+ concept — modular customization. The case utilizes magnets for iPhone 5 and 5s owners to connect an array of modules to the case and extend functionality.

There's only one problem with the Logitech Case+, the price tag. If you're interested in picking one up, be prepared to part with $199.99. While the pricing may appear to be rather steep, consumers do receive the marketed modular parts. The car mount (+drive) is essentially what the name suggests, while the kick stand (+tilt) enables iPhone 5 owners to enjoy media in landscape mode. The wallet module attaches to the Case+ to hold credit cards and lastly the power supply (+energy) adds an extra 2,300mAh to the smartphone.

As noted above, each module comes with the case itself, making the price slightly easier to handle. Expect to see the Case+ go on sale in the US later this month. Are you interested in having one case to rule them all?

Source: Logitech, via: Cult of Mac

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Reader comments

Logitech launches Case+ modular iPhone cases


The windshield mount is very nice -- the best visually I've seen. The case itself doesn't look so great, personally I don't like cases that are open on the bottom & top -- lazy design not representative of the price :-(

Seems interesting. I think this is the only sensible way to market accessories: Include them all in the original purchase, or don't bother. It's a little pricey, but not by much.

this has been released in Australia for months now and I checked it out a while back. It is indeed quite nice but the cost is prohibitive.