Logitech Powershell controller for iPhone breaks cover, available in December

Just 24 hours after Moga made its first iPhone game controller official, Logitech has followed suit with this, the Powershell. Compatible with the iPhone 5, iPhone 5s and 5th generation iPod touch, the Powershell is a tempting looking MFi game controller for iOS 7.

Unlike the Moga, the Powershell doesn't offer dual analog sticks, but we do still get a d-pad, 4 action buttons and shoulder trigger buttons, along with a 1500mAh battery to keep your iPhone charged as you game. There's also an integrated headphone adapter, and cutouts for the camera and side buttons keep all functions of your iPhone fully available while docked into the Powershell.

It'll be available in December for $100 or £90 depending which side of the Atlantic you're on, and pre-orders are being taken now on the Logitech website. So, this one or the Moga?

Update: No iPhone 5c compatibility it seems. iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, and iPod touch 5 only.

Source: Logitech

Richard Devine

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iTzMaf says:

The only thing i don't like of all this controllers is that they are made for a phone without any cover or bumper...

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WhatDidYouSayWillis says:

Agreed, I don't want to take my device out of the case.

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zdn1042 says:

The Moga controller looks better for me and has dual analog sticks. Feature-wise and design, Moga got Logitech beat. The downside is that from what I read the Moga controller feels cheap. And in terms of the brand, I feel that I would feel more confident with Logitech as I have used some of their products and have not been disappointed. I think it's a real toss up between the two. For me, I'll be a bit more patient and wait for its 2nd generation. It's not easy to chuck $100 to something that I feel are just baby steps to this sure-to-be-awesome-in-the-near-future accessories.

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smileyboy says:

I agree the cheapness factor worries me.... But Moga does offer a 2 year warranty.

RobertsDP says:

I love the concept but just like the other controller, my concern is the availability of the games that can support it. I'm curious to know if all games will automatically have support or will they have to update games with support.

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DravenX says:

I'm betting that they will have to update the games with the game controller API.

jbscoelho says:

I want one of this...or maybe i want the one from Moga... i dont know...
mmmmm... maybe i will get them both :)

sir17reeder says:

They both look pretty awesome and I still am excited to see what developers can do with them.

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kataran says:

Very nice the future of hand gaming with the retro look

Can't beat that

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draztikrhymez says:

Would like the analog sticks but I think this design looks better

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Justin Thiel says:

The Moga is better for me. I need the analog joysticks. First-person shooters are my favorite genre and I need the sticks. It's not even a question.

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g_gore says:

Analog or digital, those controllers should have built-in extended battery. It's no fun to play on iPhone when the battery lasts less then 2 hrs.

And I'm sure Logitech will release analog version of this controller once they see the digital one sells well enough.

bdGDL08 says:

Did you read the article? This controller has "a 1500mAh battery to keep your iPhone charged as you game."

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g_gore says:

I missed that. Cool stuff.

G.4 says:

I agree I like the other one more. Having dual sticks is a huge plus for me. Either way glad to see these bad boys come to life!

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Bradley Culbertson says:

Game gear reborn.

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theParzival says:

No support for the 5c according to the web site? Too bad, looks like MOGA for me then.

Becjr says:

I like the design of this controller over the Moga, but I love the feel of the analog controls...
I agree with iTzMaf, I'm not going to be popping my iPhone in and out of my Lifeproof case every time I'd want to play a game with the controller, but I understand that the controllers can't be made to accommodate every time of iPhone case/cover.
Maybe someone could make a controller cradle that interfaces via Bluetooth and is engineered with a pumped up kinetic charging system - there's bound to be lots of shaking going on!

jproubique says:

Looks like a whole lotta fun but not for a hundred bucks.

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Bulldawg says:

The 5s is my first iPhone, and the first phone I've put a case on because it's just too small to comfortably use without a case. I will not be removing my case every time I want to play a game, so no thanks to both.

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benlee78 says:

I wonder if this would work ok with an iPad (using an extender cable, of course)? And why hasn't anyone made a MFi controller for all iOS devices yet?

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Solublepeter says:

I would really need to see joysticks at that price.

It does look better than the MOGA though

BeyondtheTech says:

Better looking, but even less-future-friendly when the iPhone 6 comes out.

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The Moga Ace looks way more comfortable to me. Controls look easier too.

I'd rather throw my money at a comfortable, easy to use product that not only appeals to me, but makes it worth while.

I still don't see the need for these (yet) but would love to try them both out to see what all the hype is about. Seems like a small niche fad to me though.

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jbaez3018 says:

$100 does seem a little too expensive, but it is in early stages i am sure by next year there would be dozens of them at all prices. So thats understandable. I really love the idea of playing Asphalt 8 with this controller though :D

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