Logitech's new Bluetooth iPad keyboard uses Smart Cover magnets

Logitech iPad Keyboard

Logitech has just announced what may very well be the most nicely-designed Bluetooth iPad keyboard to date. While many keyboard accessories have tried turn turn the iPad into pseudo-laptop with an extended case or folio, Logitech's Ultrathin Keyboard Cover makes use of the iPad's built-in magnet mounts to securely cover the screen when not in use. When deployed, the iPad rests nicely in a groove above the keyboard, but when connected and closed, the keyboard sits plumb against the iPad screen, and looks like a really nicely unified laptop. The keyboard's backing and profile nicely match the iPad, and it puts the iPad to sleep when closed just like a regular Smart Cover.

While I'm not sold on tablets replacing laptops just yet, I love physical keyboards, and for anyone that needs to do a lot of writing while on the move, some kind of Bluetooth keyboard for the iPad is indispensable. What have your experiences been like with iPad keyboards? Are they big and comfortable enough? Are they worth the added bulk?

$99.99 - Pre-order now

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Reader comments

Logitech's new Bluetooth iPad keyboard uses Smart Cover magnets


This is really cool. I might have to get one if it works with the iPad2 (not sure why it wouldn't). The price is a little steep for a keyboard but it looks like a quality device.
I hear you though on the card reader. I also have an Asus Transformer Prime with the keyboard dock and it is $150 and adds a track pad, USB port, additional battery and an SD card reader for close to the asking price of this.

it seem like a half-ass product to me. I didn't buy a new shiny ipad to protect just the screen. I want complete protection, seriously, is it that difficult to add an extra sheet of hard plastic to protect the backing? i don't think so and I'm sure logictech the resources to do just that.

nothing is going to help you with your acne. should probably eat less oily food or see a derm.

should probably look at the griffin product for a complete protection. it is only missing the keyboard.

Don't care what Logitech puts out...I paid $200 for a remote they don't support anymore...good luck with their products!

Personally, I'm waiting for the leather Zaggfolio's to be restocked. The idea that you have to take the keyboard off every time you'd want to use it can be a bit annoying. Plus, unless it has something to keep it from opening up during travel, your iPad is going to constantly turn on and off, over and over. In terms of overall appearance, the Logitech is nice, clean, and simple. However, not sure how I feel about how slim the area is where the iPad rests; doesn't look deep enough to provide a safe and secure hold while typing.

Isn't it amazing how Apple has changed the way other companies advertise their products? As for the keyboard itself... it looks like a neat concept that would probably quickly become annoying to use. How could an iPad possibly be stable in that upright position unless the keyboard is quite heavy? And the constant taking it off / putting it in place / switching back again... that would grow old fast.

Good point about the wait. As the for taking it off, putting it in place, etc. does not seem like such a big deal if you are going to be using an external keyboard anyway.

Why anyone would pay $100 for a keyboard is beyond me.
If you want a laptop , then get a laptop. iPad is great the way it is and the touch screen keyboard works great. Even if people really need a physical keyboard , I still think $100 is too much for a keyboard.
Cut that price and they might sell 2-3 times more and dominate the iPad keyboard market.

Many many pcs don't come with a touch screen keyboard.
And many many pcs have a mouse. What's next ?! Buying a mouse for iPad to avoid using your fingers around the screen ? ;)

I ordered a white clamcase for my new white iPad. You guys should check those out. Protects every side. Beautiful. Awesome. Seriously!

i have last year's version and it is really handy. protects the screen glass very well too. but the fit is tight and i always thought magnets would be better.
Logitech is always a bit overpriced, but then it is usually a bit better thought out than the rest too. and the Amazon price will be at least $20 under the $100 list in a month or two, if you can wait.

The only thing I don't like it after you open you have to unhinge it to use it. And does it have Bluetooth 4.0?

OK I read all of these posts up to 4/19/12. The skinny from a former user of this item on an ipad "3" is:

- Looks great
- works really well for keyboard despite small size
- "no separate function row" not a huge detraction
- battery life great - goes to sleep and wakes fast
- landscape is clearly the preferred ipad position BUT in portrait mode there is no substantial instability when on a fairly level surface
- laptop usage is really nice since edge slot has magnet in bottom to hold ipad though this seems not to hold ipad for portait position
- ipad sleeps when cover is closed.

- not a rough user but the hinge magnet arrangement is too weak for my taste (held on when close but don't let the cover fall back as it willl come off)
- in/out of slot is slight issue as there are now two separate "large" components
- no angle adjustment at all apart from in slot or out of slot on back (actually an OK position if space and height of body are workable)
- on/off slide is tiny and recessed - hard to use witout fingernail
- key size just adequate but they work OK - short throw has positive and negative aspects, mostly positve (low noise)
- despite what a user indicates above the cover DOES NOT STAY SHUT ON ITS OWN and this is the deal beraker for us

IPAD is actually my wife's and she liked the Logotach Ultracover better than separate KB.

Now have ZAGGFOLIO, with NEGATIVE issues as well:
- larger package, not as "pretty" - so size does matter ;)
- no magnet in slot so LESS stable on lap
- keys a little noisy
- fabric-type hinge will eventually be compriised
- lots of motion so until its set up (" parked") it's a bit unwieldy
- ipad in slot has one angle same as Logitech
- latch to open case is a bit stiff and takes some practice.

- the on-off is easier
- ipad held in case pretty well
- can use ipad as tablet mode with keybard toward palm if necessry (turnoff keyboard, though)
- the case really stays shut though you need to ensure it lines up to keep the ipad asleep (just a habit)
- all one peice unless you take out KB (slight struggle there)
- with KB out of case, ipad can be set at a few differnt angles andgive separation - but again there are two large components to fight
- has function key row that is of some use but I like the one by BELKIN better for text selection
- keyboard functions are not well described but all of those indicated for logitech are on ZAGG - just need to use the modifier keys on bottom row.

She does not remove ipad from the ZAGG case, and her bigggest complaint is the LACK of the mag strip in the slot which Logitech provides.

BOTH UNITS ARE REALLY NICE - pick your poison...

One more item - when using the likes of the IN-CASE or BELKIN shells for the back, neither the Logitech or the ZAGG or probably any other slot stand can be used without removing the back cover due to thickness. Skins that are less than say 4 mils will be OK but they only offer scratch resistance, are not needed for the ZAGG and might not work with the way the ZAGG cover fits the ipad itself. The Logitech would benefit a little, but the camera would still be exposed a fair amount (ZAGG and other hard cases do give some protection in that area).

Late modification of review - "compriised" was to be "compromised".

ZAGG developed an apparent keybounce problem after just over one month of say 2-hour per day in house use. Initial thought was low battery charge as this affected nearly every key - frequent double characters but function row not seeming to be a problem. Still an issue after full charge, so returned to store for another. More later.