London Calling: Apple to Announce iPhone in UK Next Week? Blimey!


Hello, Wellington? Are you there, it's Hawkins. Ah good. Say, listen old bean...I was just watching the telly and apparently Apple is staging some kind of press event next Tuesday. They've sent us an invitation. Could have something to do with that silly iPhone thing those bloody Americans keep going on about, I expect. Yes, his lordship, Sir Jobs is on full form at these events so I'm told. Should be good for a laugh I suppose. Do lets attend. Excellent, I'll see you there.

Cheerio, Governor, pip pip and all that rot.


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Reader comments

London Calling: Apple to Announce iPhone in UK Next Week? Blimey!


Good for the " you're a pean " lol...
I will get pissed if steve Book Worm offers the 3G phone. ...

On a more serious note, the chances of this model being 3G are about 90%. 3G support is nearly a critical requirement upon entering the Euro market. The iPhone will fare very poorly if it's the same EDGE-only US model.

Will the phone also be locked to a specific carrier and if it does then how would they react to that? Does Europe sell phones that are locked to specific carriers?

Carrier lock-in is a certainty. Apple will announce a carrier partnership when they launch iPhone. The question is whether they've selected just one, or more partners.

I believe Apple are using o2 as their network for England, Orange for France, and T-Mobile for Germany. I have read this somewhere i forget where now but the T-mobile for Germany is an almost certainty as i have seen T-mobile prototype adverts on Gizmodo. Good times... I am already an o2 customer so im good to go in the UK!