Look out UberPool; Lyft launches Lyft Line carpool service on iPhone

lyft line

The Lyft car service has just announced it has started a new carpool feature called Lyft Line, for a number of iPhone users. This news comes just one day after its biggest rival Uber announced a similar service, UberPool.

Like UberPool, Lyft Line is designed to help people save some money when they call for a car, if they are willing to share the ride with one or more people. Lyft estimates that by using Lyft Line, customers can up to 60 percent compared to a solo Lyft ride. The company adds, "Even if we don't find another passenger, your Line will remain the discounted rate."

Unfortunately, Lyft Line is only available for iOS users in the San Francisco area at the moment, but if you live there Lyft will make your first Lyft Line ride free up to $25. The company has plans to expand the service to more cities, and more platforms, in the future. What do you think of both Lyft and Uber offering a shared ride service?

Source: Lyft

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Look out UberPool; Lyft launches Lyft Line carpool service on iPhone