The Loop Magazine #8 is here, and check out that cover!

The Loop Magazine #8 is here, and check out that cover!

Rather than wait for Jim Dalrymple to call up and "suggest" I get him part two of my series on human interface, I did the smart thing and told him it was almost ready and would be on its way soon. He laughed. Not terrifyingly. And I got it done. Now it's here and Jim surprised me by sticking it on the cover of the The Loop Magazine #8.

Yeah, that'll cost me some Heineken.

The cover is gorgeous, kudos to the designer. The writers are no slouches either, with Matt Gemmell on the Magic of Alchemy, Ra McGuire on Life with the F-Word, Chris Domico on Cynicism Shut Down, and Matt Dusenbury on the Signature. All well worth your time, never mind the small cost of subscription.

If you're not reading The Loop already, now's a great time start. First taste is, as always, free.

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