Loren Brichter talks about his new game, Letterpress for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

You're Loren Brichter. You worked at Apple on the original iPhone. You created Tweetie for iPhone, iPad, and Mac, including the now ubiquitous "pull to refresh" gesture, and sliding panels that first showed off what tablet software could do. You're relaunching your company, Atebits, and getting back into indie iOS development. What do you do?

Release a game, of course. But not just any game. You take the word-style games you love, make them two-player, add animations that would delight Pixar, and introduce a strategy that elevates it to something close to Tower Defense for word finder, and then you unleash it with full on Game Center support as universal app for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. And you call it Letterpress.

I had the chance to talk to Loren briefly about why he zagged into game development rather than sticking with the zig that is utility apps, where the idea came from, how the mechanics evolved, how he managed to hide the tinted status bar, and even some of his ideas about where Letterpress might go next. (Spoiler: In-game trash talking. You're welcome.)

It's an audio-only interview but I put it up on YouTube because a) that's what I'm used to and b) it let me add a little bit of gameplay video on top so you could see what we're talking about even though c) I assume you've downloaded the app already because d) it's free.

Enjoy. Now back to playing...

(If you haven't read our Letterpress review yet, go do that now.)

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Loren Brichter talks about his new game, Letterpress for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad


I have had a lot of fun playing this game against random people, but I am unable to play against my Game Center friends. I get the dreaded "Unable to start match" error every time I try, and friends tell me they successfully send invites to me, but I never receive them. This seems more like a Game Center issue than Letterpress specifically, but has anybody had similar problems?

I just paid for the upgrade, and I'm unable to play against any random opponents, keep getting the dreaded "unable to create a match" error. It's sounding like this is a Game Center issue and not Letterpress' fault.

I'm not having the problem with any other games, but am with Letterpress. Not sure if it's a problem with letterpress or GC though.