LOVEFiLM Instant becoming Amazon Prime Instant Video in the UK and Germany

Amazon's European based LOVEFiLM Instant online video service is to merge with Amazon Prime to become Prime Instant Video beginning February 26. The move echoes the way Amazon handles its business in the U.S. and anyone new to Amazon Prime in the next 5 days will lock in a special deal price of just £49 per year. After that the price rises to £79.

Existing Amazon Prime subscribers won't need to do anything until their subscription expires. For LOVEFiLM customers, the biggest change is that with the video-on-demand content you'll also now get access to the Kindle Lending Library as well as Amazon's free one-day shipping on eligible items. Existing LOVEFiLM instant subscribers will be allowed – at least for the time being – to continue with their video only package at £5.99 a month.

LOVEFiLM will continue its DVD rental service, but Amazon Prime customers will be able to purchase or rent movies too, some of which won't be available via Instant Video but will still carry the branding. Therein lies one of the main differences between this and major rival Netflix.

Amazon currently has a LOVEFiLM streaming app for iOS, which will presumably see an update in the two affected countries sometime soon to reflect the new branding. The important thing is that if you're happy as you are with LOVEFiLM, Amazon won't force you to change. But if you're not yet a Prime subscriber, there's never been a better reason to sign up. Any takers?

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LOVEFiLM Instant becoming Amazon Prime Instant Video in the UK and Germany


These UK prices are pretty steep. In Germany the current price for Prime is 29 Euro per year and the new price for Prime with Prime Instant Video will be 49 Euro per year.

"The important thing is that if you're happy as you are, Amazon won't force you to change."

I've been a Prime member for a few years in order to get free delivery. My bill is now going from £49 to £79 per year, whether I want the video subscription or not. I'd say that's quite a significant change.

Sent from the iMore App

This could have been great news if they hadn't decided to force it on their users…! Instead of just offering Instant Video as an additional service Amazon Germany is almost doubling the fees for Prime users from 29€ to 49€ which will then include video streaming, whether you want it or not…!

I've been a satisfied Prime customer for years now but this is reason enough to cancel my subscription…

So if I'm reading it clear does that mean that you can't have lovelim without prime after February 26th?

Posted via the Android iMore App!

Hello! I know this forum has been inactive for a while but I was wondering if you could answer something for me. If I opt for this Prime Video Service in Germany, is there the option to watch the content in English? Thanks in advance!