What LTE and HSPA+ data speeds are you getting on the new iPad?

How's your data speed on the new iPad?

Tell me the first thing you did when you got your new iPad was to load up [SpeedTest.net(http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/speedtest.net-mobile-speed/id300704847?mt=8&at=10l3Vy&ct=d_im) and see just how fast that new, theoretically 72mbps, 4G LTE radio is? Or if you're outside the U.S. and Canada, that new, theoretically 42mbps HSPA+ radio?

No one will actually get those speeds unless they're pretty much alone and sitting right on top of the tower, but this is as fast as we're going to get with current technology, and let's face it, the big numbers are what we want to see.

I'm having a huge problem getting LTE working on my iPad right now -- my SIM wasn't activated properly, then they couldn't find the plan, now they say there are delays in the system. Long story short, I'm still stuck on 3G and can't even post my usual screenshot. But at least I can live vicariously through you for now.

So... What are you getting? Fire up those radios, run your speed test, and give us the results. Make sure you tell us where you are, what carrier you're on, and what upload and download speed you get on your new iPad.

And since the "pics or it didn't happen" rule is absolutely in effect, make sure you jump over to the new iPad forum and drop a screenshot in there as proof!

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What LTE and HSPA+ data speeds are you getting on the new iPad?


Um...Oregon doesn't even have AT&T LTE yet. If they did, no way it would be that fast.
Nice try.

I wouldn't know. Apple & Fedex collaborated to push back my delivery time from 3:00pm to nearly midnight. It's quite annoying. You don't change the rules on game day. Imagine if someone came to you and said that your paycheck was supposed to be in your bank account by this time, but we've decided to hold it back for a while.

I dont know yet, mine arived around 10am this morning and I am still syncing with cloud. our wireless here is very slow. grrrrrr.
wish they would you let you do your initial sync with LTE

my New iPad seems to be running really warm!!!!!! anyone else experiencing this?

Mine is running hot in the same spot. But, it seems to be worse when I am transferring a lot of data over wifi. Not quite sure yet I haven't had enough time to figure it out just yet.

7.12 Mbps in Elkhart Indiana on AT&T even though they claim we are completely covered with HSPA+ 4G. Almost makes me want to go back to my iPad 2 with 3G

that is hspa+ speeds for at&t.. you could live in an area that has alot of people on network.. ive seen 10mbs on my 4s.. just wait for LTE youll see the difference

I cannot believe they will let not let you get 4 g with Verizon on the month to month plan! in order to get 4 g in mishawaka indiana, you have to sign up with an activation fee for the full account style. My first attempt to sign up on my own with a pay as you go account ended with the same problem this article mentions. I had to go into a local store and get the sim card switched out for another one and go with full account option.

I got my Verizon iPad activated just fine on Verizon using the pay as you go option. I am in Fort Wayne, IN and am surfing via LTE with no problems.

I can't even get 3G coverage from Verizon. I went the pre-paid route with Verizon and they gave me some reason as to they are charging $50 dollars on their post paid plans to get the same plans that the prepaid costs $30!
So, i activated the prepaid plan that you can do through the iPad itself, and they have charged me but i can't get a connection. Been on the line with Verizon for an hour already trying to get it resolve, and now they've had to escalate the problem even though with my Xoom i had no issues getting 3G in my house.
This is kinda ridiculous. It makes no sense to be advertising two separate plans, and at times trying to confuse the end user with their plans with just the distinction of postpaid or prepaid. YOU PAY AHEAD OF TIME FOR BOTH, what's the bloody difference?
And now, no connection because the iPad can't even connect to the cellular network. If they don't resolve this, or what they advertise, Apple and Verizon are both going to get a huge headache and bad publicity.
... Otherwise. Woo! Nice screen.

In contrast, at the same exact location (and using the same server) I'm getting ping 313 Down 1.94 Up 1.10 on my 4s on AT&T with full (HSDPA+) bars

Well, since I only have 2 bars here in Pasadena, CA. I got 7.93 Down and 5.88 Up, Ping was 39 ms. I work under some stairs, so it doesn't really give me good data.

I noticed that my connection will randomly go out and I'd either have to wait, turn on/off airplane mode or restart my iPad for it to reconnect. And right now it's on Verizon's 3G instead of LTE. And I haven't moved from my office. Anyone else getting connection inconsistencies?

Up to 36Mbps down and 16Mbps up on Verizon LTE in San Diego, CA (Sorrento Valley area).

I am getting between 11 and 15 MB per second down and around 6 MB per second up in Sacramento, California on Verizon LTE.

My iPhone 4S on Sprint 3G gets about 1 MB per second down and about one half up. I'm excited about an LTE iPhone.

I am only getting 3G speeds even though it says 4G in the upper left next to the 5 bars. It does not say LTE for some reason. I ran my phone right next to the pad and the phone won. What's up with that? I am in Houston on ATT. Any ideas?

Hi folks
I live in the uk so no 4g LTE I am afraid. My carrier supports 21meg HSPA + and I get anything between 6 and 9 meg 3G. I find this fine and the network is being upgraded to DC HSPA 42 this year. If this results in me getting 20 Mbps I will be pretty pleased but suspect at busy times it will be more like 10 MBPS.
Me I just wish they would stop saying "up to" as you never get anything like what they say.