LulzSec leaks shows AT&T considered speed and session-based pricing for LTE?

LulzSec leaks shows AT&T considered speed and session-based pricing for LTE?

LulzSec dumped one last load of AT&T documents on the internet, which though outdated and never meant for public consumption, does give some insight into some of the things they were at least considering -- like speed and session-based pricing for their upcoming LTE network.

But one interesting tidbit is AT&T's apparent plan to market LTE data with various speed tiers, which it's calling "Speed Based Pricing." Verizon's about to switch to tiered pricing for its data plans (3G and 4G), but that's based on total consumption, not speed. The basic idea would be pay more, and you get faster LTE speeds. Not exactly a new premise -- cable companies have been doing this for Internet access for a while now, but it'd be an interesting change in the mobile space.

You could also pay for a session, or temporary speed boost if you needed it. Again, this is something broadband providers have been doing for a while.

Of course, we probably won't get our hands on LTE until iPhone 6 in 2012, but it's still interesting to see where the industry might be by then. Any of you have an interest in speed or session based pricing, or are data caps complicated enough already?

[LulzSec via Android Central]

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LulzSec leaks shows AT&T considered speed and session-based pricing for LTE?


I've been really happy with 3G, if I can keep my unlimited by not changing to an LTE package I will be happy. I've gone as high as 16gb of usage in one month, I'd hate to see what any new package would charge for that.

I'd pay for a higher speed tier if it meant also either a raised data cap limit, or an "unlimited" data cap.

I'm still loving 3G over here. But, I wouldn't be opposed to having a pricing model based on speed. My only other question is ... What's the price though? With most of the carriers doing away w/unlimited plans, things are about to get crazy.

I'm with you on this one. I'm not that concerned with super-fast cell phone data speeds, but if there's an LTE iPad in the near-ish future, I think that might be a bigger deal.

I'm already paying $30 a month for speeds never reaching more than 1.5Mbps. How would AT&T FORCE my phone to a higher speed when right now they can't come close to the 7.2 I'm theoretically supposed to get? They have no way to guarantee that we'd get a certain speed and they'd just be opening themselves up to class-action lawsuits. Also, would the speed we chose be the theoretical max or actual speed? Since I never get over 1.5Mbps, if chose a 1.5Mbps plan, would I then only get 20% of that, 300kbps? It's just a bag of hurt. They'll use data caps and that's all.