Lunecase adds notification lights to your iPhone without sacrificing battery life


iPhones and cases have gone hand in hand for years. Generally, it's almost difficult to spot an iPhone which is not housed inside a case. One thing that is rare is a case that actually adds the functionality to the smartphone, this is where Lunecase comes in. Concepter, a Ukraine startup, is looking to harness the power of electromagnetic waves to power notification lights.

The $50 case has just passed its Kickstarter goal of $50,000 to turn this concept into reality through marketing and production. The interesting feature of Lunecase is that it doesn't require cabling or connectors as it taps into the electromagnetic waves emitted by the iPhone when a call or SMS is received. Think recycling energy. This is also how the case distinguishes between the two alerts.

Looking to ship the product in August, the Lunecase will be 0.125-inches thick, providing added protection against general wear and tear, as well as additional notification lights bringing the rear of the iPhone to life. We'll update you all once the product goes live and will attempt to get our hands on a unit to take a closer look.

Source: Kickstarter

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Reader comments

Lunecase adds notification lights to your iPhone without sacrificing battery life


Nice case!!! I hope they launch it asap... Couldnt wait any longer...
They said it would be release in August... I hope they wont wait too long because iphone6 will be release by then...

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I think this looks amazing but for me misses the idea of a Notification LED, its might to be a bit more desecrate and only really mean something too you, I cant see myself using something like this at work/meetings where I find the NLED on my Nexus 5 most useful. It is however very well done.

That's what I was thinking. Also, what about iMessage? That's data instead of SMS, right? I remember with my gen1 iPhone, when listening to iTunes via headphone-cassette adapter, I could hear emi of the SMS before the iPhone notified me. But since iMessage, and especially LTE, I don't notice this side effect. But I also have a newer car with a 1/8" input, no longer the cassette adapter... Idk. I have a pebble anyhow!

Interesting idea. I am more impressed with the technology. But my question would be does it silent the notifications of the phone. That would be a great addition. How much battery could it really save. Maybe someone else can elaborate. I don't use the camera led notification on my phone for notification so I don't know how this impacts battery. But I do have the multiple alerts on which will repeat the alerts. and I have not seen any battery drain with this feature on. So to me nice concept but don't see myself using it except to say hey check out this cool feature.

Maybe I'm just oversimplifying it. I guess my questions still remains does it silence the notifications and 2 how much battery life does it actually save and 3 does it reduce the amount of electromagnetic waves from the phone since the case is using some of these waves

Interesting concept. I wonder how the case can differentiate between a call and a text msg. It seems to me that RF is RF. In any event, they face a timing challenge.Personally, I won't buy more iPhone 5 specific accessories than I really need with iPhone 6 just months away from introduction.

Great idea and very good product, I hope they succeed in bringing it to the market, I might get one myself.

That being said, people are really overusing the apple-like format for commercials and the apple-like hype for their products. Its a case, and it gives you notifications when the phone is face down, that's all. Its not going to free you from the "limits of your iPhone".

I'm impressed with the tech. And it looks nice in the dark shot. If they make one of these with batman style notifications and a bat-signal, I'm sold.

I for one am sold on this if it works as advertised. I can see where it may be confused via iMessage or a photo attachment via SMS but either way, it's a killer concept.

Great idea. Not sure of its true functionality. But hey at least Dennis has a great ADR guy.

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