.Mac Mail Down Overnight, Mostly Back

The .Mac system status last night and this morning shares the news: RIM apparently isn't the only company to suffer outages. .Mac had a bit of a problem last night (as reported at TUAW, .Mac has never been reliable enough for yours-truly). This has, of course, set off a frenzy of speculation that the Mobile Me / Just Me rebranding of the services was imminent -- or at least getting prepared for. Maybe as service was restored this morning it was restored on Google's servers?

Dare to dream, friend.

100% of members were unable to access mail using an IMAP client. Normal service has been restored. 5.30.2008 :: 22:00 - 01:00 PST Due to scheduled maintenance from 10:00PM to 1:00AM PST, Some .Mac members could not access .Mac Mail. Normal service has been restored. We apologize for any inconvenience.

We righteously and from a position of absolute certainty mocked the "Mobile Me" moniker and asked y'all to come up with something better. We're giving the $50 Phone different iPhone accessory gift cart to raymie for this post's hilarious suggestion: "iTinerant." "iTinerant" may not be something Appe is likely to use, but after an email outage (and back-atcha high-fives amongst CrackBerry addicts), we need a little levity this morning.

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Reader comments

.Mac Mail Down Overnight, Mostly Back


.Mac mail going down has always been part of the overall lack of attention Apple has paid the service that we pay them for.
My guess is that they were shuffling things around in anticipointment of the impending rebrand to Mobile/Me and propagation ate some cycles.
Of course, not to get in the way of well-deserved Crackberrian glee, but unlike RIM who can NOC down all Blackberry service in one outage, .Mac going down is just like any other ISP/mail provider going down: hundreds of others still working fine, including the Googorilla.
Congrats to raymie on the iTinerant win! iYayay! would also have been funnyish :)

If you tried sending it to [removed], my other address [removed] pulls the messages from [removed]. But I haven't seen anything from The iPhone Blog yet.
Thanks again!