Mac sales keep booming as Windows PC buyers stay away in droves

Mac sales continues to boom as Windows PC buyers stay away in drove

Good news for the Mac from Apple's third quarter 2014 earnings: Mac sales were up 18 percent year over year, a new June quarter record: 4.4 million units sold. As a market, Windows PC sales are on the decline, which makes booming Mac sales even more remarkable.

The MacBook Air is driving this growth, according to Apple. The educational market in particular seems to be buying them in droves — especially K-12, where Apple's making large institutional deployments in school systems looking to outfit lightweight, durable laptops for students and teachers.

This surge in popularity for the MacBook Air didn't come out of nowhere. In late April, Apple refreshed the MacBook Air with slightly faster processors and a new lower price - the 11-inch model is now $899, and the popular 13-inch MacBook Air now costs $999.

Apple's trying to continue the MacBook Air's momentum going into the fall. The company debuted a new TV ad this week, calling the MacBook Air the notebook people love.

Apple's also seeing terrific Mac growth opportunity in China. Mac sales were up an astonishing 39 percent in China, a market where PC sales are forecast to contract by 5 percent.

Tim Cook reinforced the importance of the Mac as a part of Apple's ecosystem in his preamble during today's conference call with financial analysts to discuss the company's quarterly earnings. Cook noted new continuity features in the forthcoming OS X Yosemite and iOS 8, like being able to take an iPhone call on your Mac.

"These are features only Apple can deliver," said Cook.

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Reader comments

Mac sales keep booming as Windows PC buyers stay away in droves


Mac sales growth outperformed PC growth for most of the last decade, and I heard that about Vista, 7, 8, 8.1... Are we there yet?

Makes perfect sense. Windows laptops and desktops are having a harder and harder time getting people to upgrade, and more and more people are leaving desktop OS's behind in general, as their use case only requires an iPad or other tablet. With most of the hardware push out of Intel being towards low power rather than major performance increases, people don't see a reason to upgrade their older tech, as they will see little to no performance increase. Most people I talk to (outside my gaming friends) have computers >4 years old, and have no intention of replacing any time soon.

It doesn't surprise me one bit! Windows 8 was an abomination, Windows 8.1 is barely improved.

I use an iMac alongside my PC that runs Windows 8.1, strangely enough, Windows 8 had a driver for my printer, that driver no longer works and Epson no longer have a driver that is compatible with 8.1, it makes me install a driver for an older printer and there is no functionality for two-sided printing for that model. So now I have to print documents ONE PAGE AT A TIME.

Since my printer is a little over 3 years old Epson don't have plans to fix this issue. Now I don't want to replace a printer so I no longer use Windows 8.1 for anything other than processing labels through a label printer and all other documents are printed using the iMac.

In fact features that I used to love in Windows just do not work anymore that made life easier. These days it is easier to use OS X to do the same tasks.

Microsoft don't just shoot themselves in the foot, they empty the whole magazine into their foot and then carry on oblivious to the fact.

I was going to replace my iMac with a PC and condense my hardware in the office down to the a single PC rather than Mac and PC but this awful Windows 8 stops me and I am sure it is driving people away from the PC makers.

Windows has gone from an OS that was a misery to deal with for anyone without a decent tech savvy'ness about them to one that even people that are Very Tech Savvy don't want to deal with and we all know that Microsoft is looking for a way of making Windows Vista and Windows 7 terrible to use so that they get frustrated and move onto Windows 8 or windows 9 or whatever they want to call the next monstrosity they intend to gird from their loins!

Wow that never happened to me before. You should try reinstalling the drivers.

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It's a combination - one of the offices I work with recently replaced a handful of PCs with Macs, but others are happy with what they have, and see Win7->Win8 as almost as fearful a change as Win7->OSX. Either way, it's a "lost" sale for MS.

On the plus side, the next big Windows release is 9, and Microsoft is the reverse Star Trek - every even Star Trek movie is good, and every odd Window release is good.

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