iSkelter lets you show off all your Apple devices in style — Macworld|iWorld 2014

iSkelter's computer furniture is designed with the Mac and iOS user in mind - cutouts help you hold your iPhone, iPad, laptop and other accessories in place. What's more, it's all made out of compressed bamboo - strong, durable and sustainable. Funded by Kickstarter, iSkelter showed off their latest wares at Macworld|iWorld 2014 including a new desk that's available in either sitting or standing configurations.

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Peter Cohen

Mac Managing Editor of iMore and weekend Apple Product Professional at a local independent Apple reseller. Follow him on Twitter @flargh

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iSkelter lets you show off all your Apple devices in style — Macworld|iWorld 2014

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Interesting idea, but the interview doesn't actually get the guy to describe the product well. There are lots of doodads that make no sense at all to me, like the sticks on the left hand side and what looks like a bunch of golfball sized holes in the main desk. What are they even for? Why would anyone buy a desk full of holes and sticks?

I went to their slow and really awfully laid out website to find out but I am no wiser. I notice the close-ups of the desk on their site show it as having a plexiglass top, despite the fact that the fellow in the video describing the bamboo as "smooth as glass." I guess some actual glass always helps.

The real kicker for me are the holes however. I'm not sure why anyone would buy a desk wherein the main surface in the centre of the desk is full of holes.

Edit: I see they are horribly sexist as well. Making a "makeup stand" for "their ladies" because they were jealous of the "men's toys" (the stands and desks for computer). This "made them happy for a week and they now have no excuse for a messy bathroom." (face-palm)