Strotter makes iPad stylish and useable — Macworld|iWorld 2014

Strotter, makers of the Platforma convertible messenger bag, are back this season with a new iPad Air case called the Across. Available in a variety of different designer colors, the $99 Across is an over-the-shoulder bag for the iPad that quickly converts into a standing case, so you can get work done without having to find a place to sit.

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Strotter makes iPad stylish and useable — Macworld|iWorld 2014


Very cool and useful, but I don't know about that price. I can already see so many knockoff versions showing up at Walmart too. Might as well just wait for them to show up at a $20-40 range.

You're right about the price. I can see this being useful too--maybe cool. But stylish, Peter? For some this might be I guess...

I like it. I'm a contractor, I can see myself using this for doing estimates and figuring out job related issues. I am new to the iPad mini, use a Note 3 for running my jobs, works great but the more I use the ipad mini along with a bag as shown above the ipad mini is looking to be the better alternative. I also have the 5S, to jump to the ipad seems to be the way to go. Very clever design. I see many job related trades that could take advantage of that.

I agree about a lot of jobs being able to use it. I'm just not sure that it is worth $100. I think it would be more of a $60 price tag item. Then again, I don't know the construction quality, materials, nor the comfort level. If it exceeds the mark on all three, I could see paying more than $60.

agreed. 100$ is absolutely ridiculous. just plain greedy. either way, they wont be around for long when the Chinese eBay market starts making knockoffs. Its made for a very niche market. I personally have no need for a case like this. Completely useless to me.

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Hi guys, Serge here from Strotter.

Thank you for the comments!

First, we do have Across synthetic cases starting at $55. The ninety nine bucks mentioned here is a full grain leather version for iPad 2-4. Leather cases for the Air are more expensive. All our cases, leather or synthetic, use plastic panels inside, and not some cheap cardboard inside. The cases are very well made. Metal polished hardware, etc. This is not your generic cheap stuff. It fits and it works. Openings align with ports. The iPad does not slide out. It is a pleasure to hold and to use, as our customers say.

We offer a 45 day return policy and a lifetime warranty. If you buy the case and decide that you do not like it, or that it is overpriced - we will take it back, no problem. The thing is, we have virtually no returns, save for "my iPad 1 in Otterbox case does not fit". To those of you who think the cases are expensive: yes, they cost more than some heavily discounted cases on sale at walmart. They represent a different level of quality and functionality, though.

@romeo0569: This is classic; thanks for sharing your feelings: "I do not need it, but it is too expensive". How do you measure? I bet you did not dig deeper, did not go to the site. But you sure have an opinion about the value. Greedy? Please. You have no clue what the product should cost.

That said, yes, we are working on making the cases less expensive - which is not easy to do, because everything is going up in price...

Re "European carry-all": the case is made to let people use their iPads on the go. We do have the Platforma messenger bag that offers storage in addition to the "hands-free" feature. But you go ahead, wear your backpack and watch your CRT TV from the 90s (sorry, could not resist).

Special thanks to Vinny Jr. Go Patriots! The cases were designed in Boston, BTW - after I saw a guy drop his iPad on the train on the Blue Line. You are right, the cases are very popular among all sorts of professions that need quick access to ipads, are taking photos and writing down some measurements, etc.