Magellan RoadMate North America updated with Yelp integration and Google search [give-away]

Magellan RoadMate North America has received a big update that includes Yelp integration, Google local search, lifetime maps, and a new UI.

Yelp API

  • Integrated within the RoadMate app opens a whole new world of restaurants, entertainment, shopping, and more for you – connect with old favorites or explore new ones.
  • Easily search for venues and destinations, browse user ratings, and decide where to go and route to it, all from within the app.

Google Local Search

  • Find out where you’d like to go using real-time Google Local search. Then route to your searched location with a tap of the GO button.

New User Interface

  • Designed for when you’re on-the-road – a collapsible dashboard creates a generous screen size making it easy for you to view while routing.
  • Plus, personalize your dashboard icons and view your arrival time, distance, and speed all at once.

Includes Lifetime Maps

  • Roads change more often than you realize. Get on board with the latest available maps so that you will always be up-to-date.

To celebrate the update, Magellan RoadMate North America has given us some promo codes to pass on to you, our awesome readers. For a chance to win, just leave a comment in the thread below telling us which of the new features you like best.

UPDATE: Congrats to winners Jason and Bassistfrmsbwy. Enjoy!

Screenshots after the break!

[$39.99 - iTunes link]

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Reader comments

Magellan RoadMate North America updated with Yelp integration and Google search [give-away]


Love the life time maps! I'm on the road everyday and roads are always changing. This is a great way to stay up to date when I'm someone new!

Magellan has been a leading in gps industry and with the new additions the app becomes super .... Lifetime maps is a killer feature .. no need to worry about latest updates .... also yelp integration helps .... would love to have one :)

Leanne I think you have very pretty eyes and a nice smile, that is probably my favorite features....oh wait you meant of the gps program...I LOVE google search and I have to say the lifetime maps are pretty nice as well...

The Google local search and Yelp API are great additions. I'm planning to drive from NYC to California next month and I can imagine how awesome it would be to be able to search for food, gas, or hotels on my route without having to leave the app. My trip would be so much easier.
That is the kind of feature that turns an okay product into a great product! Keep it up Magellan.

The Google search feature is the best new feature by far! Google can find almost anything, and by integrating it with a navigation app, you've got a real killer!

The user interface showing speed and ETA as well as the Yelp integration top my list. I have been looking for a new navigation app and really need one soon. Thanks for the opportunity to win!! BTW - I'm Robin on your site.

I like the ability to customize the layout. I was driving around Nashville (I live in Houston) wondering what the speed limit was because it felt like traffic was slow for no apparent reason. So I like having the speed limit up ALL the time!

The Yelp integration, for sure. While the lifetime map updates are a close second, the Yelp integration surpasses this. In addition to providing useful information, it should expose more people to Yelp, which will undoubtedly increase the amount of good reviews for establishments.

I like everything about the look, but having that speed limit displayed keeps me under that radar of the law :)

Lifetime Maps is probably the best feature. I have another Magellan which is out of date since they wanted 70% of the purchase prices to update the maps.

Lifetime maps and live traffic are definitely the two greatest features to the newest updates. Lifetime maps is the biggest simply because maps are the sole purpose of GPS nav, and they aren't static, and live traffic is simply amazing, so we don't have to waste our life away sitting in traffic! Good luck everyone, I'd love to have a copy myself!

I love that they added the Yelp integration because I typically don't want to just search for ANY food, but a restaurant with good reviews and reputation. Awesome.

I think the google local search is a great feature, let's you find what you are looking for with out relying on a built in POI list.

I'm all about the Yelp integration! Navigon can help me find a restaraunt but this one will actually tell me if it's worthwile!
Lifetime maps are a plus too!

I think the local search feature with Google is the best. With the addition of Google and lifetime maps this app can't be beat!

The direct connection to Google search is like mashing together the two map apps that I use today and have to use Cut & Paste to work.

The best new addition is a toss-up between Lifetime maps (because, as you said, "Roads change more often then you think.") and Traffic integration. Having the ability to adjust your route based off of Traffic and have all the "New" roads to choose from can save you HOURS on the road. Especially in the large metro areas (DC, LA, etc...).

Google Local Search
Find out where you’d like to go using real-time Google Local search. Then route to your searched location with a tap of the GO button.
That's the feature thats going to sell this bad boy right so plz hook me up TiPb

The Yelp integration look amazing. Yelp is an invaluable tool that is too often overlooked. Google local search is almost equally as nice. I love technology :-)

Lifetime Maps! Really curious to see what this app will look like in, say, 60 years :-)

I like the Google search. Working in real time - looking up hotels or restaurants while on the road is a nice addition.

Hands down the best feature is Google Local Search. If I am in an area and looking for particular shop, all I have to do is do local search and voila, I can use GPS to drive to the location.

I am most interested in the new UI as that seems like something most companies have the most problems with.
Google Local Search already exists in my current Navigon navigator and has for a while, so I'm not too impressed by that.

It's hard not to pick the Google Local Search complete with "GO" button as the best new feature... so I'll just give in and do it! Very cool feature!

Magellan has made a great many improvements that sets it apart from other navigation apps. The new screens look awesome!

All of it! Compared to what I am using - MapQuest 4, winning this app would be like the lottery! I do have to say the Google Local Search would be sweet to have in a navigation app.

I love the clear signage for directions. This is an app that I could really use to get around an unfamiliar metronarea.

Google Local search and Lifetime Map updates brings Magellan closer to being on par with TomTom. Throwing in the Yelp feature sweetens the deal!

Liking the lifetime maps and UI. Would be interesting to compare this to Navigon for offline maps or MapQuest for online routing (which I find myself using more than Navigon).

Love the icon and the simplicity. Now I can throw away my TomTom, also really like how you can easily search for venues and destinations, browse user ratings, and decide where to go and route to it, all from within the app.

Integration with Yelp is a real plus ... seamless! Life-time updates is a close second. Thanks for the opportunity to snag a copy.

Definitely has to be the Lifetime Map Updates for me. I travel a lot with my job. Roads change every time I visit Tennessee or Georgia. This handy dandy app would be the most appreciated of any price I could ever receive from TiPb. I could eliminate the need for a separate GPS on every trip. Thanks and best wishes to whom ever wins!

I have to say I love the Yelp! integration as that will allow the wife and I the ability to discover the "little spots" on our trips and build unique, non-McDonald's memories!

I have a "competitors" app - and I cant stand it. Its so nice to see a company that is actually updating their iPhone apps and that shows the total distance remaining until your destination.
As for updates: Im glad that they integrated Yelp into the RoadMate App. My wife and I are big "food" people; we love to eat out. Magellan already had a pretty decent list of POIs, but having this integration would keep me from having to look up reviews on restaurants while out of town in a separate web browser. Nice Touch! :)

definitely love the new UI, but think the Yelp integration is cool as well. Had a tire with low air in downtown Nashville one night and had no idea where any gas stations were that would be close by... downloaded and installed Yelp and it was a big help in finding some gas stations so I could get air in my tires!

Love this review, but i haven't purchased the app as of yet. The reviews really help but not real sure it is worth $39? A lot of money to spend on an app that is eventually sent to the back pages of the app files

I just got back from a trip I could have really used this app. Atlanta, GA is a tough place to navigate without being very familiar with Atlanta or having a GPS. I would love to have this for my travels.
Thanks for the chance to win.

I love the updating maps! My dad's Garmin still tells us to drive south on the street we live on... and it's a one way going north XD

Megellan defines "lifetime" as a maximum of 3 years (per the App Store description), so "lifetime" updates aren't really lifetme updates.
Now with that said, I'm looking forward to testing out the new features.

Google local search FTW. It's a useful feature that should be integrated in all GPS smartphone apps. Magellan has a winner here.

Lifetime maps - big thumbs up. Yelp and Google integration - very useful! With Navigon maybe disappearing, I'd love to give this a try.

I like the discount coupon feature the best. Navigation apps are too expensive for many of us. I hope those who win them find they are sufficient for buying versions of the program for their friends or family (since I assume most will own a copy).

I'm hoping they pick a winner soon, if I don't win I'd like to be able to take advantage of their sale price going on right now - But I'd really rather win and brag how wonderful TiPb is. I'm looking forward to not getting lost again - Did I ever tell you I was supposed to pick up my husband from his work and I was at a conference for my work and when I got on the freeway I went the wrong direction and didn't know it for 30 minutes - so I had to go back and I was 2 hours late picking him up because I didn't know how to get there.