Mail Pilot for Mac now available, here's your chance to win a free copy!

Mail Pilot for Mac now available, here's your chance to win a copy!

Mail Pilot for Mac has come out of public beta and is now available for purchase in the Mac App Store at an introductory price of $9.99. Mail replacement apps for both iOS and Mac have made some progress lately and Mail Pilot doesn't fall short in feature set.

Even in Mail Pilot's public preview stage, it was one of my favorite alternative Mail apps for Mac mainly for the to do list features. While a lot of features of Mail Pilot are similar to that of clients such as Airmail, the ability to make separate to do lists and sort them has a lot of value for people that pull their tasks from emails.

Mail Pilot supports tons of account types including iCloud, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Rackspace,, and Google Apps. Your data is also never stored on any third party servers through Mail Pilot either, so if that's a concern for you, it doesn't have to be with Mail Pilot.

If you've been using Mail Pilot whether through the official Mac App Store version or beforehand with the public release, let us know what you've thought about it!

To celebrate the launch of Mail Pilot for Mac, the developers were kind enough to give us five codes to give away to you guys, our readers. All you have to do for a chance to win one is leave a comment telling us what mail client you currently use and why you want to try Mail Pilot instead. That's it, you're entered! We'll pick the winners on Monday, January 20th and email them a code of Mail Pilot for Mac.

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Reader comments

Mail Pilot for Mac now available, here's your chance to win a free copy!


Now I use AirMail. I want to try Mail Pilot because it looks better and I want to see how this treating emails like tasks thing works :)

Currently using the native Mail and curious to see if I'd like this better. I'm always interested in trying out new mail clients out to see what I like better.

I used Sparrow, I used Mail, I used Airmail, but all three aren't really doing it for me.
I tried Mail Pilot beta and I was blown away, I would like a license.

Currently using the web browser to read my mail content. Takes a quite a bit of time to load and I can't view them offline. The Mail app on my mac is suckish! Preferred the web browser over that. However, I'm needing a good and well functioning mail app, which is Mail Pilot to view my mails offline.

Hoping to get it! Thanks!

Currently using Airmail. Always looking to try something new - especially for email. Thanks!

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I currently use the stock mail application.....mail pilot looks great, would love to try it!

Currently using the default Mail app for Mac. Quite bored of it's user interface and wanna try some new features and an attractive UI. It would be a great upgrade to Mac Pilot. HUNGRY FOR IT!! :-)

Using Sparrow and I like it to be honest. It has its glitches though which couldn't be expected to be fixed so looking forward to giving Mail Pilot a chance.

I use Airmail, but I am looking for something better. Mail Pilot could be just that. Can't wait to try it out (if I win)!

Currently using Apple's Mail app. The interface is fine but the Mail Pilot's interface looks more customizable and more to my liking. I like the fact that you can organize by lists and I definitely like the Set Aside feature. The iPad and iPhone interface looks equally good for an all-in-one fun mail solution.

AirMail is great for the price of 1.99$. Would definitely would love to give this a try.

I currently us Airmail but it isn't quite right. Still better than the stock app. Would like to give this a try.

I'm currently using Airmail, mail pilot would definitely help me out, since I have to go back and forth between apps to update my todo lists!! Mail pilot would help with that!

I have never used any third party email client on my macbook. Now would be a good time to try something different.....

I currently use the client on Mac. I'd like to give Mail Pilot a try as my inbox can get to be a bit of a mess, especially my work email, and I'd love to see if Mail Pilot would help me gain control of it.

I've always used the native Mail app with OS X. Tried Outlook when I got my copy of Office for Mac... ya, that didn't go over well. So, I'm interested to see how someone can take a good mail client like Mail is (I think) to the next level...

Currently testing out AirMail, but I'd love to use the same client on my Mac/iPhone, so Mail Pilot looks like a pretty sweet gig. Plus, the beta was fun ;-)

I am currently using the stock Mail app. I actually just made the switch from Windows to OS X and to be honest I'm still trying to figure everything out. I love everything I've interacted with in the interface, except the Mail app. Between messages gone missing, duplicates being sent regularly, and an overall "chunky" UI experience it's been an arduous process to keep up with email.

I would like to try MailPilot because I believe third party developers can and will create more intuitive software than the most imaginative company in the world.

Oh, and I spent the last of my iTunes gift card on Beyoncé. Don't look at me like that, we all have our guilty pleasures.

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I am using the as well right now, which leave me in need of some better control and feature sets.

I use the stock email-client, but i tried Airmail also. Really thinks that Mailpilots idea with Todo integrated in the mail is great.

I am currently using Sparrow. The reason I like Mail Box because its simple. I try the beta version and I know this would be my mail app, it have good UI, simply works and fast.

Thanks for the chance!

Using, but want to try Mail Pilot because the approach/philosophy makes sense to me. Plus, the design is stunning!

Is like to get it to stop having to use 2 apps so I can get gmail pushed to me. I use gmail and the iPhone mail client.

Sent from the iMore App

I currently use Mac Mail, but I would like a new client that allows me to categorize emails more than I am able in Mail.

I currently use the default mail app and I love the new features of mail Pilot and I just want to switch, to make a better choice and change

Using Unibox. Kind of like it. I had both of these in beta, would like to try the full version. Thanks.

I'm using the standard Apple Mail, which leaves a lot to be desired. I've tried other clients, but Mail Pilot looks like it could be the best one yet for my needs...not to mention the looks!

I am using mail on iPad as I have not found a client that has persuaded me to use mail on the Mac. Pilot sounds like it could make me reconsider.

I use the web browser to check my email but I would like to try something new.

Sent from the iMore App

I use MailPilot! Was using Mac Default App. I was using MailPilot beta and when I saw it for %50 off I jumped on it! I have loved it so far. Has really kept me organized and a 0 inbox almost everyday. Just wish they would put some work into iPhone version. It's really buggy.

Sent from the iMore App

I use Sparrow for my Gmail, but Mail for my iCloud account. I'd love to merge everything into a single program that's new and supported. Please let me try Mail Pilot! :D

I'm stuck with Gmail on the web since in Mavericks is not up to standard and does not make life easier. Here is hoping the kind folks at iMore will make my life easier :)

I use gmail online but really want to have a desktop client for storing email on my comp in case the internet over goes out. And I'm also tired of gmail.

I use but it's been flakey. I'd love the chance to own MailPilot as I think my productivity would improve. Thanks for yet another great giveaway!

I use with several IMAP accounts and a couple of throwaway Gmail accounts. It's mostly fine for me, but the lack of a keyboard shortcut for loading images when I have remote image loading turned off is extremely frustrating. I've tried numerous other clients but they all seem to have some issue that I find annoying or detrimental to my actual email workflow. I'd love to try Mail Pilot and see if it can be the app that finally replaces for me.

Using Apple Mail and having a lot of problems with Gmail. Emails arrive on my iPhone and sometimes take an hour or two to show up on my computer. I need an alternative and Mail Pilot sounds like it is a great one.

I've never used a 3rd party mail app before - just the stock one on my Mac. I'd love to see what I might have been missing.

Currently using Gmail app on both iphone and ipad (sucks on ipad, very buggy, crashes often), and the native Mail app for work email. Would love to use something that would let me combine both accounts in one app, while still maintaining that separation.

I am using the good old Safari web browser to access GMail and Yahoo! Mail. I'd like to use Mail Pilot to keep my email workflows organized and separate from everything else.

I use Outlook for Mac and its terrible, it uses up a lot of memory on my mbp and is really slow. I really want to try something new and different.

Currently using a mix of a web based and the native application.... would love to win to try to put all my accounts in one place.

I currently don't use a Mac client. I do all of my email "stuff" on my iPhone. I tried Airmail for a while but it's pretty laggy and the stock Mail app is just... well, you know, horrible. I would love to test this out!

I currently use Sparrow, but since that doesn't have a future I would love to find something new. I also already have the Mail Pilot for iOS, so I would like to see them work together.

I currently use AirMail, which to me is basically Sparrow but in active development with more features. I'd definitely love to try out Mail Pilot - very clean user interface. Hoping it's also packed with features.

I WAS using the beta version of Mail Pilot but once that was pulled I resorted back to the native I loved the interface and user-friendly convenience of Mail Pilot so I would love to use it again. ;)

Good luck to everyone!

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I currently use the stock mail app. I would be using Mail Pilot cause I'm sick with of the lag in getting my emails, I have to manually refresh my inbox quite offen. Btw I use godaddy IMAP...

Thank you guys for giving us the chance to win!

I use Sparrow now, but as it was bought by Google and is no longer being updated, it's time to look for an alternative.

I'm using Mail (Mavericks app). I try for two days Airmail but I didn't like it, bugs and freezes. I want to try something different like Mail Pilot.

Currently am using native mail app, in recent times I felt its not that productive , I have been searching for some good one , even I tried sparrow , airmail for those are too annoying, first look mail pilot looks good so wanted to try it

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Currently using Unibox. Would like to try MailPilot for it's fascinating design and to-do style email organisation.

I used Postbox for Windows and then on my Mac. It was ok, but I found myself looking for something more Mac native. Unfortunately, Postbox didn't do it and I've found myself still looking.

Currently use Mavericks Mail for my work email, but want something to help me with the constant stream better than lots of filters and folders. Really would like something that syncs across devices too.

I have eight separate email addresses and I need a way to more effectively organize what comies in, as well as trigger reminders that are ties to an email. Dragging an email from stock Mail to the Reminders app is cumbersome. Pick me!

I use airmail but it doesn't sync well with my work exchange server. I'd by keen to give mail pilot a try

Currently using Apple's email but would like to try a new one because the latest version of Mail doesn't sync with the servers very well if you make changes to the mail (deleting, reading, etc) from another place.

I use the stock apps. I would use this one because it actually looks like an improvement over the stock apps rather than a copy or poor reimagining.

Sent from the iMore App

I currently use the stock mail app and it leaves plenty to be desired. I would love to try this app out and hopefully it would solve all of my mail problems when it comes to my mac

I currently use Apple's stock mail app, and mostly hate it. It does not update well or mark emails read if viewed on another device (or even another Mac) . It also has very poor support for Exchange. I am hoping this new app solves my Mac mail headaches.

Sent from the iMore App

I currently use Airmail. I'd really love to try this client as it doesn't store copies on their server which is creepy, but right now Airmail actually works... Can't wait to try it out!

I currently use Sparrow. I want to win because Sparrow is obviously dead and I haven't been satisfied with any other options I've found yet, including Airmail. has been the absolute worst that sense the Mavericks upgrade. I have had the experience I come to expect from other companies but not Apple. This app seems very interesting and even if I don't win, I believe I'm going to go ahead and buy it to see how well it works. I need something and Mail just isn't quite cutting it.

I currently use the deafult Apple Mail app, and have never tried anything different. I keep hearing about how all these other alternatives are much better, but haven't gotten around to trying one yet. I'd like for Mail Pilot to be the first alternative I do try!

I use gmail, which is horrible. I was using Thunderbird for a while. I was a beta tester for the new Mail Pilot, things were going ok, but I didn't have enough time to test drive it! I just want something clean!!!!

I currently use Airmail, but would like to try Mail Pilot as its concept of treating emails like tasks just fits my workflow.

I've been using AirMail, Sparrow and, as well as Gmail's web interface. But since giving the Mail Pilot Public Beta a go, I have to say I would be thrilled to switch definitely to a full-featured version of Mail Pilot. It's approach is unique on the Mac and the way it handles emails is the same way I've been trying to handle my own inbox with every app available but to no avail.

I used Eudora until OS changes made it pretty much unusable. I then reluctantly changed to I would love to find a 21st century Eudora.

I currently use Airmail and would love to try something else, especially if I could find a Unread-first workflow.

I use the native Mail app in my MacBook, but I have some problems with it, so I'd like to try another mail app, and Mail Pilot has received really good reviews.

I use the mail app from OSX on Mac for Unfortunately there is a lag between deleting a mail and the server actually acknowledging it. Sometime it fail to delete from server. I am forced to do it on the web interface for reliability. Thanks for giveaway. I would like to give Mail Pilot a shot.

I have always used Apple's for its simplicity. Mindsense's Mail Pilot is the only other mail client I'd consider. The task oriented approach really interests me as sometimes you just want to check your mail as fast as you can, which, can sometimes lead to messages falling through the cracks. I'd love to give Mail Pilot a go, and wouldn't be surprised if it replaced!

I'm using airmail, but haven't found an email solution I'm totally happy with yet. I want to give Mail Pilot a chance.

Would love to try it out. Was using Sparrow but went back to regular Mac mail because there were more features. Love the UI and concept.

Sent from the iMore App

I'm currently using Sparrow which is still working fine for Gmail, but is buggy with my old Yahoo mail account (Airmail also had issues). If Mail Pilot can play nice it'd definitely be appreciated!

Sent from the iMore App

Been looking for a replacement, been using apples stock app for a while and getting a little tired of it.

Sent from the iMore App

I use
on Mavericks
I have a lot of gmail accounts.
Rene and a few others know the pains that combination has brought us.
I need to try something new.
Help me :(

I am currently using the stock mail app on my 2012 MacBook Pro. I think you know why I want a new one.

Posted via the Android iMore App!

I currently used the default in Mavericks. I must admit that I never had the issues with Gmail that others had. I haven always like the simplistic of Apple Mail which is one reason this app seems so apealing; it has the sleek style of Apple's Mail, but wil more capabilities.

I love your app reviews and tried Air Mail on your recommendation. It was alright, but felt foreign. Lately I've noticed that Apple's Mail app has been slowing don't when connecting to my school mail server which gets annoying. I've also been cautious about doing heavy reorganizing in the desktop client, because I was afraid of some syncing issues. However, this looks like the mail app I've been waiting for. Sleek, simple, and powerful featurset.

I wish I would've tried the beta

I use a variety of mail clients on iOS, Mac and PCs but am always interested in trying something new - please add Mail Pilot to my arsenal!

Sent from the iMore App

Im still using the stock mail app. Tried Airmail but it's "too pretty" for me. For a mail app I want it to be more functional than prettier.

Hope I get the chance to try this one out and see what people are raving about it. I just cant afford it lol.

Unfortunately, I use OS X mail but it's never been the same since Snow Leopard. I've been searching for some alternatives. Mail Pilot looks great!

Currently I'm using Apple's native Mail client. Unlike most of the operating system I have found the mail application to be lacking many standard features and it has a somewhat full UI. I enjoy the look and feel that Mail Pilot seems to present and the ability to set reminders will be a HUGE help for emails that I'm consistently forgetting to reply to (sorry Mom).

Sent from the iMore App

I currently use the native mail client, but I miss some features, would love to try Mail Pilot for Mac.

I use the native client, but looking for a multi-platform solution which includes all my iOS devices. Mail I lot is definitely a suitable candidate for it

Use Airmail. still not updating correctly. Still searching for client that meets my needs on both Mac and iOS.

I'm currently using Postbox, but would love to give MailPilot a try as I'm always looking for a multi-platform solution.

I use the new GMail app to read all my emails I want to try Mail Pilot because of the enhanced features AND I am no longer a GOOGLER.

Sent from the iMore App

I use MailPlane on my Mac and like the native Gmail interface. I'd like to try this because of the to-do features and the integration between all Apple devices.

I use Outlook with an Exchange environment. My employer is moving to Google Apps soon and I am not very excited to us a web based Client for Email, Calendar, Tasks and Contacts. I would like to see if Mail Pilot would be a good replacement for Outlook as a full function application.

I'm using Apple Mail as default mail app. Until now it was for me the best mail app which worked with my different imap-accounts. But I would like to try Mail Pilot - and whether it will work with Strato-Imap-Mail!

Currently using Apple Mail for managing e-mails daily.

Really would love to have Mail Pilot and #SetSail with this amazing opportunity!
Have been hearing a lot of great things about it and would like to thank you guys for giving all of us this opportunity!


I use Apple mail right now, but unfortunately it's terribly messy and disorganized as I have four separate email accounts. I'm a grad student and would definitely appreciate more organization in my inbox (life).

Using Thunderbird, but the to-do orientation would definitely make me switch, asit would also me a multi-platform solution.

I use airmail. But man.. MailPilot is everything I love in a mail client.. I already purchased the ios version of it and let's say.... I'm madly in love with it.

I have always used Apple Mail but after Mavericks disaster, I was so frustrated and started researching another option. I read the reviews of various Mail Clients on iMore and loved the task based approach of Mail Pilot. I downloaded the Public Preview have been using it along side Apple Mail for over a month. I was reluctant to make the switch as I was having some issues with the program quitting unexpectedly. Once I received the email that it was officially released and my preview version updated to the newest release, I have been using it regularly and have cleaned out months of mail lingering - lost in my in-box. And, I have not had any issues with the program quitting. The list, set aside and remind features are exactly what I needed to improve my workflow and feel more organized and productive. Not sure how much longer the beta version will be active so I would love to get a code. Also, looking forward to the new iOs App when it is released!

I have five accounts and have Sparrow, Airmail, a Fluid install of Google Mail and use Mail for iCloud. MailPilot would allow me to use only one solution. Save me!

I use Dispatch & Mail Pilot on iOS, but I don't use a Mail client on my Mac because I'm not satisfied with any of them, so I would *love* to make Mail Pilot my one and only Mac client via winning one of five codes from the cool ladies & gents of iMore. Thanks a lot!

I use mail box, which is pretty nice, but I think that Mailpilot will give me nice way of reminding myself of some emails.

Currently using AirMail and while it certainly looks nice, it doesn't really do much to improve my email workflow. Would love to test this one out!

I've tried Sparrow, the Mail app, and Postbox but am presently back to using Gmail via the Web. I would love to try Mail Pilot because the task-based approach to email sounds great and I would love to find an email client that is fast!

Since Mavericks Mail is plagued with problems using Gmail, I switched to Airmail but don't like it very we'll. I would like to try mail pilot based on your article.

okay, so... back in the '90's i used Eudora Mail; then when OS X came along with its, i jumped on that & have been using it ever since with MANY email accounts from all over. Gmail being my main account, and thru the years i've had to modify its settings quite a bit to work well within OS X Mail. overall, i've been happy with it. but since Steve died, it pains me to say, this Apple fanboy has started to feel disappointed by the Apple gods, and for the first time ever, stuff just don't work like it used to. not rock solid anymore. these days it feels like i'm spending more time troubleshooting than doing my work! additionally, the older i get, it seems the more emails i get, & the more busier i get. now, i'm drowning in email & having trouble keeping track of it all along with all my tasks. i've always used my inbox as sort of my to-do list anyways, so since i've been hearing about these newer programs popping up that sorta build it in, i'm feeling anxious to try 'em. Mail Pilot "seems" to be the best of the bunch, but it's only available via purchase in the App Store (and don't EVEN get me started about that!). it's a shame they don't provide a demo to download from their website to try for a few days at least. SO, all that to say, if you see fit to bestow upon me the honor of a free copy, and if it works well for me, there will be many to follow in my wake as i proclaim its greatness. peace.

I don't use a mail app...its all websites for me. However, I looked today and was dissatisfied with the offerings available. Mail is horrendous and Mail Pilot was the only shining star...but not for $9.99. Some of us are college kids on a budget ;) I'd certainly appreciate a code, if selected. :D

Always loved Mac mail until mavericks.
Wether it's gmail or apple that screwed it all up I don't know. The sync is broke.
My company laid off almost 1300 workers along with me a long while back and don't really have an extra 10
Bucks laying around for this but would love to have this. It looks good.

I have been looking for a mail application that can help me handle 7 email accounts and help me get the mailbox to zero, as i get a ton of emails a day. I was very surprised at how awesome the program is. I downloaded the Beta and I have been following closely the development of this mail application. So far, I have not seen anything like this. Yet, before I recommend it in my community blog, I need to test it thoroughly.

One thing I must say, that from an organizational approach, the application is well thought. I am yet to see the integrity of it with iOS.

I am intrigued on where physically are the emails stored. Does the application create folders within the email accounts? or does it store it on the device? or does it have a cloud service where our mail is sorted and synced across the mac and iOS?

The only thing I could not do is integrate my work Outlook into it. The eight account I could not use on it. But this is not a let down yet. I am quite excited about this and like I read somewhere, Apple should get some ideas from this application approach.


I use Thunderbird & Wunderlist, but if this is as good or better all-up, then I'd certainly be happy to ditch 2x apps when one app can do the same or better!

I use Sparrow but end up using the Gmail web interface to quickly get through my "primary" tab. The Mail Pilot beta was proving useful for helping me clean up my inbox backlog and was the first time in a while that I was able to keep my inbox clean going forward.

I use 2 mainly: the Mail app with OS X and iOS and the GMail app. Using gmail thru the mail app has limitations on features available for gmail but I want one app that allows me the ability to keep these accounts separate and still retain the unique features of both services. I've looked at the sparrow feature set and don't think that would do it but am willing to try this out.

I'm using Apple Mail as default mail app. It is for me the best mail app which worked with my several imap-accounts. But I would like to try Mail Pilot, if I win a free copy from you!

I'm always looking for a simple and clean app to manage my email. I've used Sparrow for a while, but now it's all but been abandoned. That's too bad because they were really trying to do something new with email. Now I've fallen back to Mail on OS X and I've set up my own sets of folders to mark ToDo's, ToReplies, etc. using the flagging system. The problem is that this setup is hard to duplicate on iOS without an app to support this. Mail Pilot, being cross-device, seems to be this app.

I'm using the stock for years. It worked great for me, until Mavericks.
I'd like to try Mail Pilot (registered for a beta test but never received the download link from Mail Pilot) because its task oriented approche seems to be a great experience.

I've been using Mail on OS X and on my iOS devices and while acceptable, overall its pretty clunky and I know there is a better experience to be had. The Mail Pilot task-oriented approach really seems to make sense to me and how I manage my personal and work flow through email. I would definitely be looking to it for a multi-device solution. The UI looks good and I'm definitely keen to give it a go! Cheers!

Using the native Gmail client right now with chrome add-ons, though would love something like Mail Pilot that works across my devices.

I use Apple Mail and have never found anything better. I desperately want to. It's not that AMail has big flaws I can't stand, it's that I'm waiting for the right software to show me how email can *benefit* my life rather than consume it... Is Mail Pilot the one?? ;-)

I'm currently using Apple native mail app. Been looking for an alternative as well due to iCloud syncing issues. I've been using iCloud mail btw :))

Sent from the iMore App

I use Air Mail... Used to love it's simple and slick features. Over time I feel it's become draggy and slow and would love to switch to a new email client. Mail Pilot looks awesome!

I use Outlook for Mac, tried Airmail, mammal, unibox etc.. I'm always looking for the perfect mail client. I find a lot of them buggy. I'm a bit of a productivity nerd though, I love new features and updates so I do find myself being pretty critical if something doesn't keep up with the times. I'm keen to look at Mail Pilot.

excellent review on mail pilot. doing some research on mail apps for mac for our team. using sparrow, airmail for the past few years, the team is looking for simple yet powerful mail app. it seems mail pilot fits the bill, and a big bonus with its mobile app. would definitely love to have a copy for myself to truly experience the app. Thanks again for your amazing review.

Using Outlook on my Mac and Boxer on my iPhone. I think Mail Pilot would integrate well into my GTD flow and having the interface on both devices would be great!

I use on my phone and Airmail on my Mac. I would love to try Mail Pilot because it looks really robust and well designed.

I bought it, and it was not worth it.

Setup is a pain in the (_|_) , no junk handling, no mail rules, it really forces you to a certain workflow, and I really hate when somebody forces me to something.

I really discourages everybody from buying it at this moment.

It's not perfect yet...but they've come a long way since I first started using it in the pre-beta days. Only with this latest release have I decided to stick with it a few weeks to see if it will win me over from the native Gmail web app. Airmail,, Mailplane, Postbox, Unibox and all the others I've tried just don't function as I'd like, so maybe Mail Pilot will. The ability to set aside messages indefinitely, or until a specified date, is a great feature that should be in every mail client.

I use the native Apple mail client but I am just an old fart looking for some excitement so please make my day.

Thank you